Ning Brings Social App Mogwee to iOS

Posted by Phillip Levin on March 2nd, 2011

On Monday night Ning launched its social Mogwee app for iOS. The app is a brand new product from the social network-focused company and has nothing to do with its online community service.

Mogwee essentially provides an alternative platform for chatting with friends either on an individual or group basis. This is a free app that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and will eventually be available for the Droid platform as well as accessible online through a web version on the app's website.

You create a username and then different "hangouts," which act more or less like chat rooms. The experience isn't unlike communicating via text messages. So, if you're looking for a text message-like experience in a group setting, Mogwee is for you.

In addition to being able to chat, you can also share images and videos. What's more, you can also give gifts to each other, such as a burger or cake. And you can perform silly actions like throwing sheep and even zombie sheep.

All around, it's an interesting social tool that goes out of its way to add more fun to chat. Will it make a splash? Hard to say. But you can check it out for yourself for free on the iTunes App Store.