FrEEday Vol 31

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 28th, 2011

What do ya know? Another perfectly good week that was decimated by the corporate machine is finally drawing to a close. Now you sit in your little box called a cubicle, pretend to work, and watch as minutes fall off the clock. Instead of being bored out of your mind, how about a few free games to help pass the time? There are several to choose from, and we've found a few right here.

Sumo Fighter –
Sumo Wrestlers are not only big badass dudes; they are hugely popular around the world. It must be those sexy thongs they sport. Your secret dreams of becoming a famous sumo wrestler are about to be answered with this game. You will battle 20 different fighters across 20 levels. Leaderboards, Twitter, and Facebook integration round out the entertainment package. No, you do not need to wear a thong to enjoy this game.

Mazeus –
Rolling a ball along a small path is challenging on many levels. Rolling this ball on a small path in a maddening maze, well that is just craziness. Mazeus is a different take on mazes. You not only have to roll a ball along a narrow path, but the mazes can span multiple levels and come in many mind-numbing difficulties. The ability to make custom mazes only adds to the replay value here. Those with short tempers may want to avoid this one!

Sky Wars –
Time to jump on yet another free online game. This online battle game will have you flicking your ships at the enemies in hope of driving them off the playing field. However, be careful, as if you flick your ship off the board, you hand the advantage to your opponent. This game will test both skill and dexterity. Grab some friends and have a lot of fun for free!

Bunny Ninjas –
What could be cooler than a ninja? How about cute bunnies with deadly ninja skills. You adopt rabbits, and then order them to collect food and grow your farm. Once you think you have a strong enough bunny clan of death dealing, send them out to fight other clans. It may look cutesy, but this clan of rabbits should not be underestimated.

Shiny Restaurant –
Designing your own restaurant in real-life is such a hassle. That’s why games like Shiny Restaurant are so awesome! You can design your own five star dinning establishment without all the hoops of health inspectors or Uncle Vinnie investors. Decorate your restaurant how you like, collect ingredients for spectacular meals, and cook your way to the top of the leaderboards. Heck, you even make money while you’re stuck in boring business meetings.