FREEday 4/27/12 - "I’m Fancy FREE and FREE for Anything Fancy"

Posted by Rob Rich on April 27th, 2012

I’m kind of proud of this week’s list. I managed to find a bunch of slightly hidden titles. Titles that aren’t featured in New and Noteworthy or any of the other more immediate App Store categories. It’s like digging for buried treasure of a sort. Hopefully everyone gets some enjoyment from my booty.

Wait a minute.

Lil’ Kingdom - If building up a pixilated tower full of digitized denizens is starting to get old (doubtful), now there’s an alternative. Lil’ Kingdom lets players create and run their own subterranean monarchy complete with Goblins and Unicorn ranches. It might seem like it isn’t much more than a thematic change, but some people just like fantasy better than 8-bit reality. Of course, since it’s free there’s no reason we can’t enjoy both options.

DBlade! (Dungeon & Blade) - I find it hard not to get interested in a one-button action RPG/dungeon crawler with randomized maps. I mean, it’s something I could play one-handed on the subway. Plus the random levels means some pretty high replayability. Sure it’s got ads that can be gotten rid of with cash, but MTA commuters such as myself don’t have to worry too much about that. We don’t get much of a signal down in the tunnels.

G.O.D [God of Defence] - When an undead army is trying to escape from the gates of Hell, I can’t think of a better suited custodian than an elemental god. Players utilize upgradeable skills involving ice, fire, and plasma to fight back the hordes made up of 26 different enemy types. It’s a little more “hands-on” (*rimshot*) than the typical defense games involving placing towers and watching the mayhem, but that’s far from a bad thing.

World Guardians - Right on the heels of one defense game we have another. This time players will choose between four different upgradeable guardians, as well as a number of support units, to protect the Earth from a slew of enemies and bosses. Not entirely groundbreaking, sure, but it’s very inexpensive and has a pretty cool visual style. At least in my opinion.

Zombro - Now I’m admittedly a little burned out on “Point A to Point B” puzzle platformers, but Zombro adds an interesting twist. As expected the goal is to get the shambler to the level’s exit, but players have to do it piece by piece. Rather than simply getting him there all at once they have to get his torso, legs, and brain through one at a time. If nothing else it’s an intriguing concept.