Fuel Games Announce Desktop Tower Defense iPhone Port, Lifeboat

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 18th, 2009

I got a chance to sit down for a bit and talk games with Brian Robbins from Fuel Games. They are the development house that brought us Vans SK8: Pool Service. They were only showing off one game but had some exciting news for us about a game in development for release later this summer.

Not Just Another TD, THE TD

The exciting news they had for us was that they are porting the fantastic Desktop TD. Fuel Games is working directly with Paul Preece of Handdrawn Games to port the game. (try the flash version) to the iPhone. Desktop TD is considered by many to the be grandaddy and the best implementation of tower defense ever.

While it's rather simple graphics-wise, it does stress the strategy of the game more than most implementations in the iPhone. Look for this later in the summer.

Don't Worry, Your Lifeboat is Coming Soon

But before Desktop TD hits the app store, we should be seeing another game from Fuel that looks interesting. It's in the general genre of Flight Control, sort of a very casual time management game.

The synopsis is that you are controlling the passengers on a sinking ship by using the accelerometer and direct them to lifeboats that come in and out. The more passengers you save, the more points you get. The game seems fun, and challenging. This game should be in the app store soon.

More pictures are below.