Keep Track Of Receipts With Lemon

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 1st, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

People who regularly go on business trips know the problems behind keeping track of the all too vital expense receipt. That tiny piece of paper makes all the difference between claiming back the gas or hotel bill with an employer, and having to pay for it out of a hard earned pay cheque. This is precisely how people end up with wallets and bags full of random pieces of paper, all in a muddle.

Lemon - Receipts Refreshed should solve all these problems. Users can simply scan their paper receipts in and the app turns these images into information that's taggable and searchable, making it easy to consult at a later time. Individual items are listed along with the tax added upon payment. It's an ideal way to keep everything organized and save users from having to keep a bundle of paper in their wallets. It'd even be useful for those who just need to curb their spending and keep an eye on where all the money is going!

Lemon - Receipts Refreshed is out now and it's a free download.