The Green Hornet's Recent Comic Series Available in a Single App

Posted by Joey Davidson on January 14th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

One of America's classic pulp heroes from the 1930s is coming, again, to the silver screen in January of 2011. That's right, in, like, a few weeks from today. In honor of and preparation for the film's release, Dynamite Entertainment (publisher of the comic series, that's plural) and comiXology (makers of an exceptionally good comic book reading app and subscription site) have come together to release an app centered around the Green Hornet's fiction.

Those familiar with the comiXology site and application will certainly feel right at home with this little collection. The presentation, the reading software and the fluid navigation are all present except they've been done up in green and black in honor of the Green Hornet and his trusty sidekick, Kato.

Download the free app and you'll get access to free samples and full issues (for purchase) across six different series. In total, 29 books are here for nerds new and old, while even the samples typically come in at about 10 pages in length. Fans of the old Green Hornet lore should know that these new runs by Dynamite rock in with new plots and a new rogues gallery.

And, yes, the Kevin Smith you see listed as an author on some of these titles is really that Kevin Smith. Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, Zak and Miri. That guy. Bet you didn't know he wrote comics. And, like that, it's all coming together.

Sure, you could absolutely write this production off as nothing more than comiXology in green, but where's the fun in that? The project serves as a great launching point for fans looking to dive deeper into the Green Hornet story than what will be offered in theaters later this month.