Make A Virtual Pumpkin With Jack-i-Lantern

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 28th, 2011

Making Jack O' Lanterns out of real pumpkins is excellent fun. However, it's also time consuming and frequently messy. So how about making one on an iOS device instead? That's precisely what Jack-i-lantern offers.

Free for a limited time, users get the chance to create their own pumpkin in time for Halloween. All the user has to do is add a background from the photo album or by taking an image directly, then they can add one of 600 different pumpkins to the image.

Throughout, Jack-i-lantern offers an attractive appearance that's ideal for kids to play with. Scary music and sound effects keep things appropriate for the season, too. The variety of pumpkins keep things interesting and once created, users can share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Jack-i-lantern is an ideal way of getting the Jack O' Lantern experience without the expense or creativity needed to make a great real one. It's out now and it's a free and universal app, available to all.