iRule London Available, Location Based Boardgame

Posted by Chantelle Joy Duxbury on October 6th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

If you're looking to have a bit of location based fun with your iPhone and happen to be in the great city of London, England, you should check out the new iRule London app. It brings together all the fun of location-based social sharing and includes a game element that will have you buying land, owning property, setting up tolls, and much more - all using your iPhone as the game piece, and the city of London as the game board.

Think of it, if you want, as a real-life Monopoly. The goal is to amass a fortune in 'money' and 'land.' You start with a daily allowance and you use these points in many ways. Or you can claim your turf by setting three place markers; once claimed, this area is under your control and visitors have to pay to pass through your area. All of this is controlled by the app using your GPS location. There are even daily awards for some of the best players based on different criteria, including a special weekly challenge!

Set up your home location and earn extra points for checking in every day! Set up secret 'Jails' to trap others when they accidentally stumble into one, and have to pay you to get out! There's lots of different situations and scenarios that will come about when you use actual geography as the playing field for a massive online game!

Location based and augmented reality apps are quickly becoming some of the most popular new attractions on the App Store, and this will definitely be one to watch out for. As the iRule team builds their series of apps we should all hope that they'll be creating options for the USA or other European cities soon enough!

Until then, if you live in London (or perhaps are just heading for a visit -- how great would it be to spend a day sightseeing with this in your pocket too?), you should check out iRule London, created by Eric McKinley. Find out more about the games on their official site!