Go Insane in the Arcade With Insane Arcade

Posted by Rob Rich on August 5th, 2011
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A new developer by the name of Maniac Games is working on their first title, Insane Arcade, set to release later this fall. Following the basic freemium model made popular by games like Farmville, players will be able to fill their arcades with a wide selection of machines in an attempt to attract customers and earn more money, so they can buy more machines and outfit their arcades.

The Minnesota-based group plans to include hundreds of machines that will run the gamut from skeeball to dancing games and beyond. What makes things even more interesting is that players won't just sit back and watch (and wait) for the money to roll in. They'll be taking a more active roll in helping customers find the game they want to play by "speaking" to them and then guiding them to the right machine. And, of course, there are social elements that include visiting a friend's arcade and even playing a few mini-games.

What has me the most excited about Insane Arcade is that it goes beyond running a single venue. Once players have had enough success they can expand and franchise out their arcade, which will allow them to run several of them at the same time. The part of my brain that absolutely adores micro management is positively salivating at the idea.

Anyone looking for a bit more information, or that's interested in helping these gentlemen finish this promising title, should go ahead and check out their Kickstarter page. Based on the samples provided, I think the $20 pledge that grants a free soundtrack download is the best place to start. Seriously, this game has some great music. Or it will, rather.

Keep an eye out for Insane Arcade later this year.