Improve Family Communication With I'mOK

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 27th, 2011

I don't have children of my own but having spent plenty of time around my young cousins as they vie for increasing amounts of independence, I can see one such difficulty that parents face. It's not just the independence of going out by themselves that's the problem either. They want to sign up to Facebook and Twitter despite being too young to go on either, all thanks to the wonders of peer pressure.

I'mOK might not entirely solve all these arguments but it does do its darndest to minimize problems. The app is part social network, just for the privileged few and part way of parents keeping an eye on where their kids are going when they're out. It's not done covertly though, instead it encourages kids to share their lives more with their long suffering parents.

Kids can voluntarily share their location with parents in order to earn points which eventually lead to rewards, previously approved by the guardian. Nothing is done passively so it's all done by the hopefully responsible child that's keen to show off how trustworthy they are. It also means that parents can worry less, knowing that their kid will check in with them at the touch of a button.

I'mOK is a free app so well worth a look for any concerned parents or kids keen to show off how responsible they truly can be.