Manage Personal Data with Venticento Studio's Apps

Posted by Jordan Minor on November 21st, 2011

In our increasingly digital world, users are being forced to keep track of more and more personal data and records. It can be a hard task but imagine if one could just manage their information on the go? Venticento Software Design Studio is hoping to let users do just that with their iPhone, and soon to be iPad, apps iAccounts and DataTap.

iAccounts, $4.99, stores all of the passwords, logins, PIN numbers, and account details users may sometimes forget. Everything is encrypted and hidden behind a dual lock password system.

DataTap, $2.99, allows users to record data in various kinds of custom groups and form templates. Users can encrypt their databases, apply custom sorting and the touch controlled interface makes quick searches a breeze.

Both apps come with the free desktop program iBackup. Using this program, users of iAccounts and DataTap can backup, view and restore their passwords and records on their PC or Mac for later use. Both apps are available now.

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