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How to collect every hidden character in Disney Crossy Road

Posted by Glen Fox on April 12th, 2016

There are a ton of characters to unlock inDisney Crossy Road, and they're all based on your favourite Disney IPs funnily enough.

There's old favourites fromToy Story,The Lion King, andMickey Mouseas well as (relatively) new characters fromZootropolis,Big Hero 6, andTangled. Something here for everyone, basically.

You can unlock these characters either with a gacha mechanic (using credits earned while playing to unlock a random character) or by buying them outright as an IAP. It's pretty standard stuff.

However, you may not be aware that there are a bunch of hidden characters that you can only unlock if you fulfil a certain criteria.

What criteria?! You cry out. Well, calm down as that's what this guide's all about. Read on to find out how to unlock every single hidden character inDisney Crossy Road.

How to beat superbads in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Posted by Harry Slater on April 9th, 2016

You've taken down a bunch of goons, knocked the teeth out of some mini-bosses, but now you're coming to the real meat of the Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 experience - the superbads.

They're tougher, they've got some sneaky moves, and if you're not careful they're going to wipe out your carefully crafted superhero team in no time flat.

And, quite frankly, that would be an embarrassment. That's why we've put together this guide to, er, guide you through the various hurdles you're going to come across in some of Marvel Avengers Alliance 2's tougher fights.

How to win fights in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Posted by Harry Slater on April 9th, 2016

So you've taken your first steps into the world of Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, but now you're staring at the screen without a clue how to continue.

Don't you worry, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. And we also know that every hero needs a mentor. Someone to guide them through the trickier aspects of hero-hood. Someone like148Apps.

And that's where this guide comes in. We'll show you how to get to grips with the basics of the game, and give you some hints as to how to polish up your team-ups and get the most out of your iso-8 reserves.

Is Clash Royale pay to win? How old IS Ross anyway? Tune in to episode 6 of Royal Mumble to find out!

Posted by Glen Fox on April 8th, 2016
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Royal Mumble is back with a brand new episode in which Alex discusses his hot new deck, we discuss whether or not Clash Royale is pay to win, and we find out how old Ross is.

Who's Ross? He's our special guest today, representing the older generation and those new to Clash Royale. Be nice to him. Or not. I really don't care.

Enjoy guys - and keep shouting at us! We appreciate every comment.

Clash Royale is brought to you by Pocket Gamer and 148Apps, and you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud where every episode is available right now to listen and download.

It's coming soon to iTunes as well.

How to increase Style and Social Levels in Miitomo

Posted by Matt Suckley on April 7th, 2016

So you're playing Miitomo, already raking in the coins thanks to our previous guide, but you may notice two levels alongside your coin stash.

These represent Popularity and Style Level respectively, but it's not fully explained how you should go about increasing them.

But don't fret - we've got you covered. Here are some top tips for getting popular, and looking good while you do so.

How to drive properly in Driving School 2016

Posted by Jessica Famularo on April 7th, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive an 18-wheeler through the tiny, canal-lined streets of Amsterdam? Maybe you want to see how a school bus handles in the Alps? In that case, Driving School 2016 might just be the game you’ve been looking for.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. As a driving school simulator, you’ll have to pay careful attention to the rules of the road if you want to succeed. Luckily we have a few tips that’ll help you do just that.

How to build the strongest empire in Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Posted by Harry Slater on April 2nd, 2016

Right, you pretty much know what you're doing in Total War Battles: KINGDOM now, but that doesn't mean you're not going to need a helping hand every now and then. And helping hands is what we're best at in these parts.

Here are some general hints and tips that should ensure you're making the most of your time in the game. If you're stuck, or in a bind, then check these out and you should soon be heading off in the right direction.

And, if you've got your own helping-out-ideas, then chuck them in the comments at the bottom of the article. It's good to get unstuck, but it's even better to help other people out when they're stuck.

Advanced tips and tricks for Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Posted by Harry Slater on April 2nd, 2016

Okay, you've established a stronghold, you've fought a few battles, and now you want to take things to the next level in Total War Battles: KINGDOM.

It's understandable, I mean Alexander the Great didn't just stop when he'd conquered a few places. If he did, he probably wouldn't have earned the moniker “the Great,” right?

With that in mind, here are a bunch of higher level strategies that will help you turn those foggy bits of the map into proud and high-earning parts of your ever-expanding country.

How to get started with world dominance in Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Posted by Harry Slater on April 1st, 2016

So you've finished the tutorial in Total War Battles: Kingdoms and you're sat staring at the map wondering what to do next. Well, fear not, because 148Apps has got some hints and tips right here for anyone who's just starting out.

The game can be a little bit confusing to start off with - especially if you're not used to massive strategy titles. But with these hints and tips you'll be building castles and knocking knights off their horses in no time.

The 148Apps Podcast episode three: New games and dog news

Posted by Glen Fox on March 29th, 2016
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The148Appspodcast is back with an incredibly late Easter special in which we once again talk utter rubbish aboutClash Royale.

There's also a new feature where we recommend a few brand new games and provide news on the world of dogs.

Yes, that last one was one of Alex's ideas.

Anyway - enjoy!

How to counter the balloon in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 28th, 2016

Balloons are incredibly dangerous. They're airborne, fast, and deal massive damage to your towers if you don't bring them down quickly.

And that's the trick to bringing down a Balloon - get a ranged unit on it as quickly as possible. If you're fast enough, Spear Goblins, Archers, or Minions can get it down before it gets close to your tower.

How to counter the Baby Dragon in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 28th, 2016

The Baby Dragon does decent splash and point damage, has a good amount of health, and is an airborne unit. This makes him an incredibly useful asset for most builds.

Countering it isn't easy though. While Archers and Spear Goblins are pretty good at dealing with most air units, the splash damage from its fireballs make short work of them if you just drop them down.

How to win every time in Rope Racers

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 22nd, 2016

As the name suggests, Rope Racers challenges you to race against your competitors with Tarzan-stylerope swinging.

Because this method of racing is, well, unconventional to say the least, we’re here to offer you some advice to get you swinging like a monkey.

How to beat your high score in Handbrake Valet

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 22nd, 2016

Handbrake Valet is a highly addictive game that involves using your car's handbrake to park it in the most flamboyant way possible.

As you’d expect, accidents are bound to happen sooner or later, so we’re here to provide you with some tips to help you rack up some seriously high scores.

How to earn more coins and gems in Dragon Land

Posted by Gordon Siu on March 17th, 2016

Now that you’re armed with some advice for beating the levels in Dragon Land, we’d like to give you some more tips on how to earn more coins and gems, the two main currencies in the game.

Coins are used exclusively for upgrading your dragons for useful stat boosts, whereas gems are used to purchase a variety of goodies in the shop such as new dragons, skins and boosters. Needless to say, you’ll want to read on to find out how to earn as many of these as possible!