Introducing HDvision

Posted by Kyle Flanigan on February 22nd, 2011

From the developers of the Musée du Louvre application, one of the most downloaded educational applications in the App Store's history, comes a new project: HDvision. The iPad-only magazine, second of its kind only to Virgin's Project, immediately shot to the number one downloaded News application (and number seven overall) in its premiere in the French App Store. Now it's available in the US and a number of different App Stores across the world.

HDvision is devoted to high definition media and technology. "Get the best of Cinema, Blu-ray, TV Shows, Video Games, VOD, Multichannel Sound and Technology on your iPad with the HDvision magazine" reads the official blurb, all through an interactive app that includes embedded HD video trailers, HD picture galleries and interactive slideshows. The first issue of HDvision is free to download. This month's magazine weighs in at 619MB, heavy even for magazine standards but to be expected given HDvision's focus on high definition content.

I spoke to David Fakrikian of HDvision earlier this week, asking him about the inspiration and development of the popular magazine. "The [printed] project was refused by every publishing company around for both costs reasons, and political reasons ... until the iPad came about, and Mastery Pictures International offered to team up with us" he writes. "The idea was irresistible: iPad offered the possibility to blend both contents of the original magazine (features articles + video) into one package, and make an international (english) edition, offering us for the first time the possibility to be read worlwide, as well as by most directors and actors we interview." The pricing strategy behind the magazine application is yet to be determined, given its early stages.

The magazine's inception stems from DVDvision, a print magazine that Fakrikian created and edited between 1999 and 2003. You can download the first edition of its new counterpart, HDvision, for free. Just check out the link below the YouTube teaser.