Comprehensive Haunted Walks Apps just in time for Halloween.

Posted by Chantelle Joy Duxbury on October 13th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Wicked Walks offers detailed audio guides to some of the most haunted and spooky places in New York City, Savannah, Atlanta, New Orleans, Key West. Historically accurate and very detailed, you'll find these Haunted self-guided tours to be equally entertaining, spooky and interesting as you travel around, learning more about the history of the old buildings, the people who lived there, and the ghosts who may live there still.

Each app offers a host of locations to visit, giving you detailed directions, pictures and descriptions. Once you have downloaded the app for your city, it is entirely self-contained and no internet connection is required. Here's what the developers have to say:

New York City is famous for its amazing skyline, top-notch theater and dining, great ethnic communities and....ghosts. Yes, ghosts. From Edgar Allan Poe to Harry Houdini, a haunted NYU dorm to a mass burial ground, the Big Apple has it all.

Savannah, Georgia: quaint, gentile southern city? Or, a haven for ghosts? You decide. Let us lead you to nine of the most haunted sites in this charming city. Find out why Anna Powers has been miserable since the early 1800's, where the ghost cat lives, and where Captain Flint died...and is still reported to reside.

Welcome to Atlanta’s darker side. Oakland Cemetery is the perfect place to explore Atlanta’s rich Southern history, while getting a taste of the gentile city’s haunted and sometimes violent past.

New Orleans is one of the, if not THE, most haunted cities in the U.S. Hundreds of people go on ghost tours here every day. And the bars are no exception... troubled spirits, ruthless pirates, and mis-treated slaves are all eternally trapped in these walls.

Key West is known as Bone Island, for a reason. Floods wash up more bones all the time... whose are buried under the foundation at Captain Tony's, or in the back yards of some of these historic houses and bars?

If you can't make it out to visit these interesting sights in person you could use this app, with all the detailed information contained in it, as a way to sightsee without traveling. This app boasts that it's so comprehensive you may not even need to be there in person to experience the excitement of visiting these haunted and historical places.

Each city has it's own app and they are $3.99 each. If you're thinking of doing a special visit to some interested haunted locations this October, it might be worth your while to pick one of these up!

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