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Tomb of the Mask guide - How to increase your high score potential

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 12th, 2016

Tomb of the Mask is a great endless arcade game from Happymagenta in which quick reflexes and a persistent attitude can go a long way toward earning a top score.

Check out these tips to see if you can give yourself an edge on the leaderboards.

Keep playing

I know, I know, this sounds like obvious advice, but there are multiple reasons why banging your head against Tomb of the Mask is a good idea.

Playing the game over and over will not only get your reflexes up to snuff, but repeat play sessions can also make you level up and earn new "masks" - both of which can grant you score bonuses.

So, if there's an impossible-looking score on the leaderboard you want to chase, you might want to try leveling up a bunch and unlocking a score-modifying mask to help you get there.

Take your time

There isn't much time to waste in Tomb of the Mask(as you're being chased by a flashing wall of doom throughout every level) but it is important to try and take as much time as possible through stages in the game to help you max out your score.

The reason for this is because getting further in the game doesn't guarantee a high score, but picking up pellets and coins does.

In fact, each level in Tomb of the Mask gets significantly more difficult to navigate, so see if you can earn a bunch of points at the beginning stages when things are a bit easier.

Go into star rooms

Every once in a while, a glowing box with a star on it will appear on the side of the screen. If you want to score big, make sure you try to get to this box.

Going through the star box will take you to a bonus room full of coins that's easier to navigate than the normal levels. Make sure you try to get into these rooms every time they appear to max out your score.

Are you sitting atop the Tomb of the Mask leaderboards? Have some additional expertise? Let us know in the comments!

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