Disney launches four new apps

Posted by Ryan Wood on November 11th, 2010

Disney had a busy App Store morning yesterday when it released four new apps. Well, three brand new apps and one very important update.

The update moves the hugely popular Radio Disney app, with over one million downloads, into the world of iOS4 functionality. This update brings multitasking support allowing users to run their radio in the background while interacting with other apps. Radio Disney, as always, is a free ad supported app that allows users to request songs, learn of local Radio Disney events, and send shout outs to Radio Disney and the on-air personalities populating its airwaves.

In new apps, Handy Manny is making an appearance on the app store for the first time in two separate apps geared towards the preschool crowd. These first ever Playhouse Disney apps are Handy Manny’s Workshop and Flicker’s Flashcard Fiesta. For $2.99 each, preschoolers, parents and caregivers can enjoy the unique experience these apps deliver on any of the iOS platforms. As an added bonus Wilmer Valderrama, the voice actor of Handy Manny, provides his voice for the app as well.

Disney Mobile Studio Tabulous is releasing the final of the four apps, with its follow up Lady Gaga Revenge 2. Fans familiar with Tap Tap Revenge will recognize the style of play. This version includes smash hits from Lady Gaga including Bad Romance and Alejandro, including eight additional never-before-tapped Gaga tracks. Social Network connectivity through Facebook, Twitter, and email has also been introduced into this game. Pick it up for $4.99.