Flixel Unveils Cinemagraph Hall Of Fame To Inspire And Excite

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 26th, 2012
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Seeing how iOS users can be so creative thanks to a few useful apps is great and, sometimes, quite inspiring. Flixel proved quite popular when we reviewed it earlier this year, thanks to its ease of use in helping people create images with animated elements. Now, the people behind Flixel have curated a Hall of Fame, devoted to the best creations. We checked in with Mark Homza, co-founder and Creative Director for the app, to learn more.

Explaining how the Hall of Fame was collated, Mark explained: "We’ve been following the growth and creation of highly stylized gifs / Cinemagraphs for quite some time now - our dedicated Community Manager, Matt Wicks was given the task to track and discover any and every new emerging Cinemagraph artist, blog and website." He continued, "Our selection criteria was simple: the living photography had to be mesmerizing, original, as well as technically sound. The artist also needed to have produced a solid body of work. Every artist featured in our Hall of Fame Blog embodied these standards."

While the entire gallery is quite stunning and creative, Mark had to admit to having a personal favorite: "…[it] has to be the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Why? For one, they are the reason and inspiration for Flixel, being the original pioneers of Cinemagraphs (a self-termed art form they coined)…secondly, their Cinemagraphs are…brilliant. A highly stylized body of work nestled in the world of fashion, their living photography is cinematic in nature, where motion is often depicted with great subtlety and elegance."

Mark expanded further, by explaining that the Flixel team has also greatly appreciated the work of IWDRM and Tech Noir, describing their work as a "gallery of living movie stills [which] brings to life some of our favorite and memorable movie scenes." Tilen Sepic was also mentioned thanks to their work offering a "futuristic sentiment suspended in time."

All these works, plus more, are viewable via the Flixel's Hall of Fame gallery. If you fancy trying to create something as spectacular as these yourself, the app is available now and it's free to download.