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Favorite Four Apps To Track Exercise With

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 18th, 2012

Last week, as part of our Health & Fitness themed month, Lisa looked at how apps can help people keep track of the calories they consume. That's great but weight loss and general improved fitness levels won't be achieved without some exercise thrown into the equation. While iOS apps can't force anyone to exercise but they can go a long way to encouraging someone to work harder to achieve their goals. We round up four of the best apps when it comes to tracking progress.


RunKeeper should be the first port of call for anyone planning on partaking in some outside exercise such as running, walking or cycling to get fit. Other exercises are catered for like swimming, skiing and rowing too with the app's strength stemming from its GPS functionality although indoors use is also possible. RunKeeper tracks more than just how far the user has travelled with speed, pace and calories calculated. Via the GPS functionality, the app even tracks the route taken. All that information is then synced to the RunKeeper website for additional stats and profiling. Interval workouts and target pacing can also be set for the competitive user.


Fleetly is an incredibly simple idea that taps into one key thing that all humans react well to: a feeling of achievement. Within Fleetly, users enter the workout that they've previously performed with the app then allocating points according to how tough the exercise was. Those points then go towards a levelling up system and a global leaderboard with numerous challenges to join and medals to gain. There's a workout generator and coaching side to the app too but the real beauty is in the way it makes its users compete with themselves as much as with others.


All-in Fitness sets out to encompass everything possible fitness wise with 100 ready-made workouts, 1000 fitness & yoga exercises and a calorie counter. The focus here however is on its tracking. The app allows its users to enter numerous different kinds of exercise in order to track calorie consumption and general performance levels. It's a very in-depth app that seems determined to miss nothing (it even includes sex in exercise type) so it might take a little time to fully figure out, but it's ideal for those who need both guidance and a way of tracking all in one app.

Gym Hero

In comparison to the previous app, Gym Hero is incredibly simple. That's where it's ideal for experienced gym rats. For those who don't need to be told what exercises will work for them or how to achieve better results, Gym Hero enables a simple and quick way of entering workout progress without the need to repeatedly enter words like sets and reps. It's even possible to set up different workouts making it incredibly quick to use for those juggling different routines depending on the day.

Extra Exercising Motivation With Fleetly

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 14th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

We all need some motivation when it comes to exercising. While I love the gym, there are still those days where I'd really rather not bother. While Fleetly won't drag me to the gym, it will give me some much needed motivation.

Kind of like website Fitocracy, Fleetly makes a game out of exercising. Users enter how many repetitions they've performed or how far they've walked, run or swam and then Fleetly gives it a numerical value in terms of experience points to level up. Users can then compare with other users of the app or their friends via Facebook connectivity. There's even challenge groups to join to encourage friendly competition.

It doesn't stop there however. Fleetly also instructs users how to perform relevant exercises from squats to more complex manoevres. It all ensures that the user learns how best to perform an exercise without overexerting themselves. Plus it makes for a very neat package.

Even better, Fleetly costs precisely nothing which means those in need of that extra nudge might as well give it a shot.

It's out now.