Zombigotchi Rights My Childhood Wrongs

Posted by Chris Hall on October 29th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

There was a time, not so long ago, that Tamagotchi's ruled the hearts and minds of little kids everywhere. Mindless children would feed, pet, and train these little creatures as if their deaths would be the end of their worlds. Maybe I'm wrong in the head, but all I wanted to do with the little critters was mess up their limited digital lives.

"Sure I'll watch your Tamagotchi!" I'd say to my classmates, "It might not eat for a few days, but what's the harm."

Later on, the makers of the evil little toy were forced to add a pause button due to pressure from school teachers nationwide. Apparently kids were sneaking off to the bathroom during class to feed their Tamagotchi's when the little buzzer came on that indicated hunger. After awhile the critters lost popularity and their time slaughtering ways evolved into Farmville and ngmoco:)'s "We" games, but a spot in our collective hearts were holding out for this very day. The day Zombigotchi arrived.

Zombigotchi is, as you can imagine, the zombie version of Tamigotchi. Like it's namesake, your goal in Zombigotchi is to raise your little zombie to be the best brain eating zombie out there. Instead of being nice to the zombie though (which you can still do), you can poke it and maim it without consequence. You also have to feed it, but I'm pretty sure it eats blood and body parts... perfect for a tiny little brain eater.

The game comes complete with five unlockable characters, two unlockable subgames (ragdoll and giblets), and 25 unlockable zombie cards. If you want a good chuckle this Halloween season, be sure to pick up Zombigotchi today. Also, be sure to check out the promo clips below, they're really pretty funny.