Helping Autistic Children With FindMe

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 17th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I'm a big fan of apps that make people's lives easier. All the better is an app that genuinely improves someone's life, not just in terms of convenience but in terms of a significant and positive life change.

One such app for some parents is that of FindMe(Autism). It's an app that's designed to help young, autistic children practice simple social skills that many other people take for granted. Requiring no language or reading skills, it's accessible to the vast majority of autistic children with access to an iPad.

The app is simple to play with the aim being to find a person in a scene and tap on them. As the levels progress, distracting objects emerge such as plants or animals thus educating the child to focus on their aim in order to be rewarded.

It sounds so basic but it's something that UK broadcaster, the BBC has reported has helped many families. The app helps encourage the children to focus on other people and their needs while also boosting their self confidence and technological skills.

Autism is a very individual condition so there's no guarantee that it will help every young autistic child but considering FindMe(Autism) is a free app to download, it's well worth a look. It may well help hugely.