Mirror’s Edge Free Today, for Some

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on January 4th, 2011
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EA is offering quite a sweet deal for platforming title Mirror's Edge today, dropping the normally $5 or $10 app all the way down to free on both the iPhone and iPad. The only catch is that the deal only seems to be available for certain countries, meaning that a vast swath of gamers may end up left out in the cold. As of right now the app is available for free in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while American, Canadian and Asian gamers are out of luck. At this point we're not sure if this is some sort of glitch in the system, or if EA is merely opting to offer the title for free in select regions. As of our most recent check the game is still retailing for full price in the US App Store.

While the console versions of Mirror's Edge combined parkour puzzle-solving with hand-to-hand combat, the iOS version is more a precision platformer than anything else, requiring precise jumps and rolls to survive levels and achieve a high score. While there's still a little bit of combat floating around in the game, it's really just another element of the jumping and sliding so its roll is minimized. In all honesty though, the iOS version may be the superior edition of the game due to the fact that it cuts right to the heart of what's fun about the franchise, moving very fast and stringing together amazing maneuvers.

We'll keep an eye out to see if the game ever gets a price drop in other territories, but if worse comes to worse you can always create a New Zealand iTunes account and get the game that way. Of course I hear in that version Faith is replaced by a sheep, but I'm sure it's still lots of fun either way.

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