Essential Language Help With Emergency Voice

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 9th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

I wouldn't normally copy and paste directly from a press release announcing a new app but I feel that this one is worth the exception. Emergency Voice has been described as an "app that combines the awesomeness of sparkling unicorns with the usefulness of a spoon." Besides raising quite a smile from me, that's actually quite a good way of describing it. For travellers who don't know the local language while abroad, Emergency Voice certainly has the potential to be as vital to them as a spoon.

It's an app that contains recordings and writings of 5 different emergency sentences in 80 different languages. In theory this will cover users for a wide variety of situations! Emergency Voice appreciates that there are certain priorities in life so these sentences consist of 'I need help!', 'I need food!', 'I need water!', 'I am hurt!' and 'I need to get to the embassy!'. All the essentials basically.

Emergency Voice is only $0.99 so this is certainly an inexpensive backup plan for travellers this summer.