eMeetMe Schedule Meetings Makes It Easy To Plan Gatherings

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 22nd, 2011

Scheduling meetings should be simple and easy to do. All too frequently, it's not that simple with the problem of having to juggle the best times for everyone. eMeetMe Schedule Meetings will hopefully solve that problem.

It's an app that enables users to identify the best time and date for everyone invited meaning a much better chance of a full house when it comes to attendees. Synchronising with the iPhone calendar, the app makes meetings of all sorts, whether they be business or pleasure, much easier. Users simply choose some potential dates then choose from their contacts who they want to invite. An email wings its way to them and they simply tick the relevant boxes to state when they're able to make it and a reply is sent back to the meeting planner.

eMeetMe Schedule Meetings works out the best time for the meeting then a couple of taps and confirmation messages can be sent out to everyone who is attending. As simple as that and hopefully removing all the stress of planning!

Two versions of eMeetMe Schedule Meetings are available. The free/Lite version and a more comprehensive service that costs $0.99 and offers group creation options to make things even faster.