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Ion Audio in association with Atari, today introduced the iCade. An arcade machine look alike tabletop dock with a joystick designed to turn your iPad into an arcade machine.

The product first turned up as an April Fools joke from Thinkgeek. But now it’s real! We’re on the way to check it out and we’ll have full details soon. Until then, here’s a shot to hold you over.

Questions we have include does this work with more than Atari games, and of course how much and when?

Update 1/10: We are back from CES now — getting a connection there was a bit of an issue. So here’s the update.

The iCade will be on sale this quarter for $99. It’s Bluetooth based meaning that any developer that wants to will be able to use the controller. Initially we’ll see classic games from Atari released with support for the iCade. We hope we’ll see a bunch more follow quickly after.

Sonos S5 Review

The Sonos S5 is the perfect non-dock iPhone based music player. While it's not cheap, it's on par with iPhone docks with similar sound quality but frees you from tethering your iDevice.

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Let’s face it, if you have an iPad it’s going to spend at least 20-30 minutes unused and sitting in the dock every day. Looking for something to show it off when you aren’t using it? Let’s take a quick look at one good option, Magic Window.

Ever wanted a magic time traveling, location traveling, controllable window? Lucky for you, Magic Window is now available. Magic Window allows you to set your iPad in a stand or prop it up, and have your choice of views magically appear like your iPad was a window. Choose your view, mountains, sunsets, ocean, or even a fireplace.

Once you have your view loaded, set back and enjoy. The views aren’t static though, they change as though you were watching through the window in real time. All very realistic, cross-faded time lapse photography. You can also interact with the view by changing how fast they progress through time, and even swipe quickly left or right to travel through time.

There are currently 10 views available in this $4.99 app with more being added soon. There will be both new free window views and others available through in-app purchase.

iPhone Companion – Coming soon, the developers will be delivering an iPhone app that allows you to record your own window views and import them into the app. Visiting the mountains? Well your iPhone probably won’t have any reception – so you might as well prop it in a window and record the sunset on the mountainside. You will then be able to import it into the Magic Window and see it again and again, anytime you want.

This app isn’t something that I would ever have imagined when the iPad was announced – but it’s a very creative use of the hardware and very well done.

Want your own Magic Window? The app is available now for $4.99 in the App Store. And we’ve got 1 copy to give away. If you want to win this iPad app, leave a comment below with what view you’d like to see in your Magic Window. We’ll pick a random winner in a few days.

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-04-22 :: Category: Healthcare & Fitness

This last week, Chris, Tony and I made the trip to CES to take a look at some of the best new gadgets and accessories for the iPhone. After walking 743.9 miles, shaking 16,984 hands, and trading business cards with 3.5 gajillion people, here’s are some of the highlights of what we saw.

FloTV Mophie Battery Case – Mophie announced an interesting new version of their great juice pack. This new version will include a FloTV receiver allowing you to watch broadcast TV right on your iPhone. They include the FloTV receiver yet the unit is only 2mm thicker than the usual Juice Pack. So far the only downside we’ve heard is the price of the FloTV service which is expected to be about the same as it is for other devices. Full details are still short, but we’ll let you know more as soon as we find it out.

tunebugTunebug – Tunebug is a tiny little interesting speaker for your iPhone. Not much larger than a couple matchbooks stacked on top of each other, this isn’t a normal speaker. Tunebug uses a patented technology called SurfaceSound that turns anything you set it on into a speaker. The coolest implementation is a Tunebug that straps to you bike helmet and connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth allowing you to listen to music while riding your bike without plugging up your ears and tuning out all of the sounds around you. Obviously a huge breakthrough for biker safety. The other implementation connects to your iPhone (or any device) with a normal speaker wire and sets on your desk, turning your desk into the speaker. The Tunebug will be available soon at $119 for the Bluetooth version, $69 for the wired version.

Zoll PocketCPR – As amazing as the iDevices are, they really don’t do much in the ways of saving lives. Sure, there are some apps that are probably helpful in the medical community, but life saving isn’t quite the iDevice’s forte. The Zoll PocketCPR changes this with an app that shows how to perform CPR with accuracy by using the accelerometer to judge compression depth. At the booth, we heard a story or a doctor who used the app and was complimented by a nurse who hadn’t seen proper CPR done by a doctor in a long time. The app hasn’t been officially approved by the FDA yet, but Zoll expects the approval to come shortly. [More Info]

Blio Reader – we got a chance to get a demo of the iPhone version of the much talked about Blio Reader. A multi-platform ebook reader announced at CES. Blio does a few things that other ebook readers don’t do. For one, there’s text to speech technology. Also included are some pretty good options for different ways to read text on the device including both as printed and text versions. Obviously this will be a much more interesting app if the rumored tablet/slate is released. Blio is still a few weeks off, but it looks to be a great platform. We’ll bring you more as soon as we can.

L5 Universal Remote – The L5 Universal Remote, while not quite as universal as the Logitech Harmony due to its lack of bluetooth connectivity (PS3), but is quite an amazing remote replacement unit. With the included IR attachment, the L5 Universal Remote instantly learns your remotes features without needing to plug in those pesky product codes. To me, there’s really nothing that excites me quite as much as the prospect of controlling my entire house with my iDevice. The L5 will be available soon.

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