Digital Dictation From Frisbee Smart 2

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 9th, 2011

I'll admit it. I saw the word frisbee and my mind wandered off to fun summer days in the park tossing a circular disc around. Frisbee Smart 2 isn't a virtual frisbee throwing game. It's actually much more useful than that. It's a dictation service.

The free app, recently released, enables users to record whatever is needed, whether that be a random anecdote or an important memo that needs to be written up by the office secretary. It can all be done through this simple app, right down to the ability to edit and send the files via e-mail or FTP.

Ever security conscious, Frisbee Smart 2 offers encryption and compression options so that the data is stored safely. Using the Frisbee Pro service, users can even send the files directly to a PC either for later consultation or for someone else to type up the audio.

It's an immensely useful tool for any busy business person, all the more so given the ease in which it can be used.

Frisbee Smart 2 is out now and it's available for free.