Democrats, Obama Launch Political Apps

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on June 30th, 2010
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

We already knew that Obama liked tech—reportedly he suffered from Blackberry addiction, and besides that his '08 campaign made good use of tools like Twitter and the web and soared to success. The Democratic party apparently paid attention, and now the Democratic National Committee has released a brand-new, universal app titled simply, The Democratic Party. Additionally, Barack's Organizing for America app is back on the scene, again with a universal update to make it iPad-friendly.

Both apps are obviously trying to keep their constituencies involved and up-to-date on the party's latest news; both, therefore, are free. Both Organize for America and The Democratic Party give you access to news, photos, videos, and "talking points" (basically, the President's and the DNC's stances) on key issues. Another option points you towards local events. There's also a handy "Call Congress!" button. (Oh, and a Donate button, too, but you already assumed that, right?)

Neither app is revolutionary. The White House already released its own app months ago; besides, a fancy, updated news feed isn't radically different from, er, the Internet. But it is significant that the Democratic Party is starting to pay more and more attention to current technology. I mean, really, with what other medium can you push out thousands of messages to your constituents on election day? Obama made excellent use of technology in the 2008 election, and it paid off. Now the Dems plan on doing the same for 2010.