Suggest Store Improvements Via iSuggest

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 25th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Maybe I'm an increasingly grumpy person or maybe it's because I've worked in service industries a lot in the past, but I can't stand bad customer service. I reckon it comes down to two things most often: individual workers simply not having the right attitude for the job and companies not knowing what changes they need to make to improve service. Both problems can frequently be solved by the customer letting the company know what the issue is, but how easy is that to actually do? Hopefully iSuggest will make things much, much simpler.

iSuggest is a virtual suggestion box app that lets customers leave instant feedback to any retail business within the US, all from their iOS device. Customer feedback is delivered straight to the management, cutting out the potential problem of feedback going 'missing' or the customer struggling to find someone to tell.

Using GPS functionality, users can see a list of nearby businesses so it's easy to select the relevant store. There's also a historical element to things enabling the user to browse for nearby stores, such as a store that was visited in the past. Anonymous feedback means that the user can speak freely without any worries of reprisal, but with the hope that changes will be implemented.

Despite the anonymous nature, users can still view the progress of the suggestion as it gets delivered, read and (hopefully) responded to along with any follow up messages from the business involved or the complainant. Businesses can even supply coupons or special offers through the interface.

How successful iSuggest becomes does depend on the businesses themselves but considering most businesses enjoy making a profit and keeping their customers happy, this has the potential to be hugely successful. Hopefully in time it will spread to other countries. For now, iSuggest is available for free for all US App Store users.