Airport Entertainment

Posted by Chris Hall on February 6th, 2010

I'm off to Vegas for the second time this calendar year, and like every other app obsessed individual out there, I need apps to keep me entertained. Sure, I could just sit at the airport bar, have a beer, and watch Super Bowl coverage, but I'm a bit sick of it. Dwight Freeney still doesn't know if he'll play, the city of new Orleans is still excited, and Archie Manning still doesn't know who he's going to cheer for. Instead, I think I'm going have a few cups of coffee and play iPhone apps... well, I guess I'll be writing about the iPhone apps that I would be playing if I weren't writing.

Crush the Castle - There's something oddly refreshing about blowing up castles instead of defending them. As the castle destroyer, you, with your trebuchet, get to fling all sorts of objects at the enemy. You first start with small little stone, but soon progress to throwing bomb clusters at your poor enemies. With a ton of levels to play through that take about a minute each, CtC is a great app for getting you through the security line.