CPR PRO is a Real Lifesaver

Posted by Blake Grundman on October 26th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

We all know that CPR is a staple of hospital dramas and medical mysteries on television, but how many of us actually know and understand the science behind what is going on?  For that matter, do you know how to perform it properly?  Personally, I know that the process involves applying pressure to someone's chest repeatedly, while simultaneously providing them with oxygen, but as for how to properly perform the potentially lifesaving measures, I am completely in the dark.

However, for those that understand the process of CPR assisted resuscitation, they know that not only is this a difficult and often physically draining process, but it also requires attention to a wide variety of body cues as well as strict attention to timing.  It is difficult enough to try to keeps ones head clear under such tremendous pressure to begin with, so why not make the process a little easier with the help of the breakthrough new app CPR PRO from Ivor Medical.

Through a series of visual and auditory cues, the program will aid rescuers in trying to make the most of a chaotic situation.  How does it actually work, you ask?  Ivor Medical breaks it down like this:

  • Visual and audio prompts

  • Metronome to pace chest compressions

  • Rate detection of actual compressions

  • Detection of number of compressions

  • Prompts to give two rescue breaths over 1 second, after the detection of 30 chest compressions

  • Prompts to pace ventilation, when the airway is secured (10/minute)

  • Stopwatch running continuously, helping you to keep track of time (regularly reassess the victim, deliver defibrillation and drugs, change rescuer roles, etc.)

  • Two modes of operation, 30:2 and PRO – to be used when the airway is secured or if unwilling/unable to provide mouth-to-mouth ventilations

  • Elegant and soothing design

  • Designed to work with CPR PRO cradle for iPhone by Ivor Medical

  • Basic Life Support algorithm with photos

  • Complete Instructions for Use

When you combine use of the application with the patent pending, new CPR PRO Cradle, not only will you see the benefits of the program itself, but it will also help to protect your body against fatigue during this tiring process.
"Rescuers grasp the two sides of the device with their palms, so that their hands are in line with their shoulders. Due to this natural hand position, it takes less power to perform accurate compressions and rescuers get tired less quickly." -- via CPR PRO Cradle product description

There is one important thing to note when using a app of this nature: though it offers basic on-screen instructions to the resuscitation process, CPR PRO is no replacement for formal CPR training.  For a mere $1.99, this is a download that could literally be a lifesaver.