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Link: Project Holy Shield Is Coming This Winter from Dogbox Studios And BulkyPix

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 20th, 2012

From the creators of Chicken Doom comes a Project: Holy Shield, an over-the-top metal-and-blessed-guns action shooter for iOS.

In a post-apocalyptic world, daemons of all kinds wander the Earth, hungry for man-flesh. Luckily the human race has some protection: Holy Shield, a secret organization that for thousands of years has fought against daemons in order to preserve the balance between good and evil.

But one day, while on a routine mission, two daemon hunters encounter the vilest daemon ever faced by Holy Shield. As a consequence, they are instructed to find the source of his Evil, and fight all of his slaves before tackling the daemon himself. Thus begins a violent, crazy journey of epic proportions!

Chicken Doom Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Angela LaFollette on July 4th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: RULE THE ROOST
Help Biggy and Biguette destroy the space chickens in this funny base defense game.
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