95 Percent of Users Love Their iPad

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 2nd, 2010

Though there were some naysayers trying to sow discord around the time of the iPad's launch, it seemed that most folks who actually bought the device were very satisfied with it. A new survey from ChangeWave shows that not only has the tablet made a good impression on a few owners, but rather the vast majority of adopters absolutely adore their device. In fact, 95 percent of iPad adopters have stated they are either "Very Satisfied" or "Somewhat Satisfied" with their purchase. Equally impressive, only one percent of responders claimed to be "Somewhat Unsatisfied, and not a single person was "Very Unsatisfied."

These numbers are highly impressive, especially so because it's positively unheard of for any product or service to be so beloved by nearly all people. Apparently the saying "You can't please all the people all of the time" wasn't meant for Apple's tablet.

If you're a pessimist and absolutely must find something negative to say about the numbers then you can point to the fact that the number of "Very Satisfied" consumers has dropped three percentage points, but all those folks still fell into the "Somewhat Satisfied" camp. It would seem there are a handful of adopters who took claims that the iPad can cure all known disease a little too seriously, and were mildly upset until they realized they could just play Bejeweled 2 instead.

The best news in all this for Apple is that the same survey determined that 26 percent of respondents plan to buy a tablet, and that four-in-five of those people are leaning toward the iPad. Granted, Apple has a bit of stranglehold on the market right now, but with the holidays approaching all that really matters is that there are going to be a lot of iPads handed out to eager new owners.

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