Hi-Tech Grocery Shopping With Key Ring Rewards Cards

Posted by Chris Hall on November 2nd, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Games are fun and all, but the most exciting thing about the iPhone is the potential it has to change the way you perform everyday activities. In this case, Cellfire and Mobestream have teamed up to eliminate those pesky membership cards from your key-chain and wallet.

Key Ring Rewards Cards is an app that converts images of your various rewards cards (you can also type in the card number) and creates a usable image that scanning machines can capture. This means that you can use your Kroger, Safeway, 24 Hour Fitness, or whatever card you may have in any scanning system that you may come across. The app itself has a monster database of applicable membership cards, but if you don't see your company on the list you can add it yourself.

Along with the reward card scanning feature, the Cellfire partnership brings in grocery coupons for 33 of the most popular stores in the United States as well as membership opportunities for many popular stores and restaurants. Either by visiting cellfire.com or by searching within the app, you can attach applicable store coupons to your membership cards that you have stored.

"Cellfire was the perfect partner for Mobestream to work with due to the synergy between loyalty cards and coupons,” said Chris Fagan, CEO of Mobestream Media. “Key Ring eliminates the need for consumers to carry around multiple loyalty cards and with QMobile eliminates the need to carry paper coupons, creating a huge convenience factor for consumers.”

Older versions of the app received mixed reviews from customers in the App Store, most of which were either embarrassed to pull out an iPhone in a grocery line or claimed that the app didn't work in certain lighting conditions. The current version claims to work much faster and has knocked out many of the kinks, so it can't hurt to give the app a try. Your key-chain will appreciate it.