Five for Friday: Week of May 13, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 13th, 2011

Castle Defense HD:
Castle Defense HD takes players back to ancient Chinese times when kingdoms battled for supremacy and rule. The game changes things up a bit by providing not only real historic battles, but also by giving players plenty to do with four different modes of play. With beautiful visuals and a familiar game play mechanic, this is one to tide gamers over until Popcap finally gets around to releasing a Plants vs. Zombies 2!

MetalStorm: Online:
Take to the skies with a thousand pounds of thrust at your six. MetalStorm will put flying aces against each other in an online battle to prove who is a true top gun. Dozens of unique aircraft, full 360-degree fighting, and enough action to keep players coming back for more. Forget all that work required for earning a pilot license, this is simple and can be played right in the bathroom.

Stop the Knights:
Dracula is under attack and it is up to the player to help him defend his castle against a bounty of pesky knights. Dracula is not on his own as players will be able to summon classic horror minions and brutal Skeleton Warriors to fight by his side. Why doesn't anyone just kill Dracula while he sleeps?

iEditor - All in One:
Code monkeys rejoice, running code while on the go just got a bit easier. Choose from over 50 programming languages to write, debug, and test that next million dollar app. This will let coding gurus slap in multiple inputs, receive several outputs, and enjoy a great error and compiler information screen. Coding while at the beach….heck yeah!

Adobe Nav for Photoshop:
Adobe is putting the electronics that lay dormant on desks to work with some great Photoshop companions. One of these great apps comes by the name of Nav for Photoshop. This program allows PS addicts to gain access an abundance of tools right from the iPad screen. Open documents, select brush tools, zoom, paint, and so much more, all right on the beautiful iPad screen. Who needs a Wacom Tablet now?