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Hands-On Preview: Street Fighter x Tekken for iOS

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 14th, 2012
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When Street Fighter x Tekken was quietly announced at E3 this year, many were relieved. It had been rumored for a while, but it was there, in the flesh (or silicon) and it was real. Demos started at PAX earlier this month. And we just got our hands on a build. Take a look at the video below to see what to expect.

Full details are still to come. But from the build we can get a sense of what characters we will be able to play, though others are likely to unlock as you progress in the game. In our early look it seems like the controls are pretty well done. As expected as the controls for Street Fighter IV also from Capcom were exceptional for a touch screen button masher like this.

Global multiplayer system will be included in the game. We were unable to test that in our version, though. It could add considerable interest to the game if it works well.

Look for Street Fighter x Tekken later this year, perhaps sooner, perhaps later. If we had to guess, from this build we would say sooner. But Capcom are being particularly cagey about this game. We hope to know more soon.

Link: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD Is Coming This Fall

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 30th, 2012

Capcom announced not one, not two, but all three games in the Phoenix Wright series, originally released on the Nintendo DS, are coming to the iPhone and iPad in glorious HD. First two episodes will be free to download, third one will cost ya. No details on when, exactly, but be ready - it's coming.

“Hold It!” – Three whole games! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations will be included in a single app. Relive the saga of gaming’s most daring legal eagle, or experience them for the first time.

“Take That!” – All three classic games will not only be presented in their entirety, as seen on the Nintendo DS, they’ve also been painstakingly remastered in glorious HD in order to take advantage of the iPhone/iPad’s luscious Retina display with further optimized tap and swipe controls for easy navigation.

Tip Tap Block'em Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Lisa Caplan on June 15th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: MIDNIGHT INVASION
Tip Tap Block'em is an action-pcked Zombie assault that will leave you as tired as the hero.
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Street Fighter X Tekken: Coming To iOS This Summer

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 14th, 2012

Capcom has announced that hugely successful beat em up crossover Street Fighter X Tekken will be making its way from the consoles over to iOS this summer.

The beat em up successfully melds together the worlds of Street Fighter and Tekken in order to make for a fantastic brawler. The iOS version promises to bring with it a balanced character roster including the likes of Ryu and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series and Kazuya and Nina from the Tekken series.

Capcom is no stranger to iOS releases of their popular franchises so the promise of an UI and control system designed with mobile devices in mind should be easily achieved here.

There is some bad news for certain iOS device owners, however. Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile is set to be compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPad 2 and the New iPad. Bad luck, 3GS owners.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest developments surrounding Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile. For now, enjoy these screenshots.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Carter Dotson on April 30th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: NOT MARVELOUS
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is an iOS version of the classic Dreamcast fighting game, now available on iOS.
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GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Dan Lee on February 3rd, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: TRICKY
Use "Ghost Tricks" to possess objects and solve a murder.
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Hold It! - Capcom to Release Ace Attorney 123HD

Posted by Rob Rich on January 31st, 2012
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It's a series that may not be as insanely popular as other Capcom franchises, but it's certainly no less loved by its fans. The Ace Attorney series is about to get its fifth title - only in Japan thus far and no confirmed platform, no other details are available at present - but it seems like the developer is also interested in giving the series' roots some love. Andriasang has reported that they've also announced Ace Attorney 123HD, an HD remake of the first three Ace Attorney games (back when they were called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) for iOS and other platforms.

The original has already been brought to iOS, but it was pretty much a straight port. Once this Turnabout HD is released (sorry, couldn't resist) anyone who owns this port can upgrade to the HD version. For everyone else, they can download the first two episodes/turnabouts for free then unlock more via in-app purchases. The prospect of digging into HD renditions of some of my favorite Nintendo DS games (all conveniently located in one place no less) has me very, very excited.

There's no confirmed release date yet, but Capcom says Ace Attorney 123HD should be available "shortly." Gotta love that intentionally obscure information.

[Via: Andriasang]

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting Updated With New Monsters

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 27th, 2011
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When I reviewed Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting earlier this year, I enjoyed it but it was a bit shortlived. With only 12 monsters to defeat, the experience ended way too quickly for my liking. A shame given the enjoyment gained from the title. Fortunately, someone must have been listening as four new monsters and a new weapon, Gunlance, have been added to the title, bolstering the enemy battles up to a not too shabby 16.

The new monsters: Diablos, Azure Rathalos, Kirin and Lunastra, are set to offer a sound challenge to fans of the game, and I'll be sure to not spoil the experience with any extra details.

Besides the extra monsters and the new weapon, Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting has also benefited from a new Replay Function. For those players who manage to clear the quest without needing to continue, they can now record their entire playthrough from a variety of different camera angles. Twitter functionality has also been added so that fans can tweet the results of their battles and exchange questions and information on the game.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting is available now, priced at $4.99. Existing owners get the update for free.

Final Fight Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Carter Dotson on September 22nd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: STOP FIGHTING
Final Fight is a standalone iOS version of Capcom's classic beat 'em up game.
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Street Fighter II Collection Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Carter Dotson on September 21st, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: STREET FIGHTING
Street Fighter II Collection contains 3 versions of the fighting game that serves as the progenitor of many modern fighting games.
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Final Fight And Street Fighter II: Collection Come To iOS

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 16th, 2011

It's all go for Capcom and beat em up fans the world over at the moment with two new releases and a new update for Street Fighter IV: Volt.

First up is the much anticipated release of Final Fight bring classic side scrolling beat em up action to the iPhone. As it was upon its original release in the arcades, Final Fight allows its players to choose from one of three characters: Guy, Cody or Haggar. It's then down to that character to rescue a kidnapped woman, Jessica, from a ruthless street gang. With each character offering their own fighting style and abilities, there's plenty to hook beat em up fans. The iOS version includes a finishing move button which allows the player to blow up enemies at any given time, much like the special move seen in games like the Streets of Rage series. Added functionality exists with the ability to join up with a friend for co-op play thanks to the game's Bluetooth network support. Final Fight will be regularly priced at $2.99 but it's currently on offer priced at $0.99 until September 21st as part of Capcom's Super Sale.

Another new release comes in the form of Street Fighter II Collection which for a mere $3.99 offers three Street Fighter II games in one, namely Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. We all know and love this title. For many it was their first taste of beat em up wonder. It's all here in an iOS format with a button command system that fits into the touch screen nature of the system. There's also the addition of a finishing move button and of course there's competitive play via Bluetooth.

Finally, Capcom has updated Street Fighter IV: Volt and added two new characters to the roster: Fei Long and Yun. Due to this update and Capcom's Super Sale, Street Fighter IV: Volt is currently priced at only $2.99 rather than the usual $6.99 price tag. This offer lasts until September 19th so get in there fast.

Beat em up fans rejoice and have a great weekend of fighting!

King of Fighters i-002 Review

By Blake Grundman on July 20th, 2011
Solid visuals and quality controls collide in this awe inspiring battle for iOS supremacy.
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Street Fighter IV Volt Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Carter Dotson on July 1st, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: STATIC SHOCK
Street Fighter IV Volt is a new version of Capcom's latest entry in the legendary Street Fighter IV franchise, featuring 3 new characters and online play.
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Capcom Announces Street Fighter IV: Volt for iOS At E3

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 8th, 2011
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It seems like only yesterday that Capcom's "little fighter that could," was announced to be coming to the iOS platform.  Masses of gamers waited patiently to learn if Street Fighter IV was the portable combat experience that would prove the iPhone and iPod Touch to be viable for hardcore fans of the genre.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that not only did the game perform admirably, but it set the standard for how virtual joysticks should be implemented.  Both far and wide, the game was praised for its high quality production values and emphasis on precision and detailed button interactions.  This was the beginning of a new age for the Street Fighter franchise, and the first in a series of evolutions to the game on iOS.

Though later on the game was updated to include several new characters, including the likes of  Cammy and E. Honda, there was always one piece of the puzzle that still seemed incomplete: multiplayer.  Sure, there was a clumsy Bluetooth multiplayer mode, but nothing that could leverage the power of GameCenter.  For this very reason, Capcom went back to the drawing board when it came to their netcode and are now proudly ready to unveil details about their next installment in the Street Fighter brand: Street Fighter IV: Volt.

The new game, which will unfortunately not be available as an update to the current Street Fighter title, will be the first of its kind to implement full GameCenter compatibility with friends lists, as well as a bevy of ranked matchmaking experiences.  Further sweetening the collective pot is the introduction of four new combatants to the arena: Vega, Cody, Balrog, and a mystery character.  Capcom's representatives were coy when addressing questions about price point and launch window, only divulging that the game was aiming for a June or July launch.  As soon as we have more details, rest assured that they will be found here on 148Apps.

Capcom E3 Preview: Monster Petshop

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 8th, 2011

Nowadays Capcom is on board the freemium bandwagon in a big way.  One such example of that is their upcoming title Monster Petshop.  Modeled as a hybrid of time management games and Tamagotchi animal raising simulators, the upcoming time sink looks to dip into your inner nurturer, while still forcing players to be ruthless business people.

Players are placed in the kitty litter covered shoes of a pet store owner, specializing in raising unique breeds of monsters.  These interactive creatures that you raise from an egg are you ticket to success, as long as you can avoid becoming too attached to the little buggers.  Any number of different processes that might be done with a traditional Tamagotchi pet are intimately necessary to the creature's survival and ultimate well being, including such tasks as feeding, cleaning up after and even scratching them in their "special spot."  Don't worry, the person demoing the game for me admitted to feeling creepy after uttering the phrase.

Once your pet has reached some level of maturity it can either be bred with other creatures owned by your friends or sold for a profit.  The trick is keeping enough balance that these pixelated little beasts can be constantly reproducing and either building or replenishing your store's stock, while still keeping the critters at peak happiness.  It is a juggling act to be sure, but if you manage to succeed, the imaginary financial windfall could prove to be rather lucrative.

As you become a bigger success as a store owner, abilities to add in new decorations to your shop and options for your breeds will open up, allowing for players to do what they love most in freemium games, customizing the ever-loving hell out of everything.  You can look forward to more details on the game hatching as the title's June/July peak incubation window draws nearer.