Cannon Cadets Adds Infinite Replay Value

Posted by Chris Hall on October 25th, 2010

Physics hurlers are all the rage these days, from the App Store dominator, Angry Birds (which now holds the #1 and #3 position with the new Angry Birds Halloween), to the upcoming Trucks & Skulls. Finding a place in the chaos is Cannon Cadets, which was originally launched back in August.

The new version of Cannon Cadets adds a whole slew of features to not only make the game competitive, but to hopefully help it rise to the top of the physics game sub-genre. In addition to adding a new soundtrack, an online ranking system, full HD content, and Retina Display support, the app has added the Cannon Cadets Academy, an online space to share custom built levels made with their new level builder.

The Cannon Cadets level builder lets users create levels just like the level designers did, one block at a time with whatever diabolical contraptions you want. Most impressively though is the Cannon Cadet Academy, the shared space that anyone can upload and download levels from. To keep the place clean, the levels on Cannon Cadet Academy are user ranked, so even if you don't plan on making any you can let others know which ones are worth playing and which ones aren't

"There are some great physics launching games in the market, and we believe Cannon Cadets will earn its position alongside the best," said Ray Sharma, CEO of XMG Studio. "We knew to stand out we would need to bring players something new, something that would really revolutionize the game-play experience, and we're happy to say that we have done that with this latest update to Cannon Cadets."

Like all updates, the Cannon Cadets update is absolutely free and is out now. The Cannon Cadets Academy is only as impressive as its users make it, so get out there and start building levels!