The Great App Bake Off Returns!

Posted by Arron Hirst on December 15th, 2009
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They did it last year, and now it's back. The Great App Bake Off 2009. Developers, put down your keyboards, xcode testing tools and virtual paintbrushes, and instead pick up those baking trays and oven mittens, because today my friends, you're about to cook for your pride, your glory and .. cool stuff! Yes, the Great App Bake Off is back. A time of the year for App Store developers to stop, think and ask themselves that all important question: "Can I actually bake a cake?"

But it's not just for developers! Oh no, you can enter too, and there are prizes involved - lots of them. Hosted by Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer, also the developer behind the App Store hit Sneezies, The Great App Bake Off is a (so far) annual event which sees anyone from anywhere baking for the fun of it! Here's how it works. You pick an App Store application of your choice, and then you bake a cake which resembles that application. Whether it be in the shape of the app's main character, or a mouth-watering version of the app's current App Store icon - You simply have to bake it and take a few shots of it.

It’s simple: pick an App, bake it, send us the pictures, win prizes.

Checkout these awesome first entries into the contest below. The first depicts the cool App Store icon of the app Story Tracker, and the other sees one of the main character's of Elf Command, come to sponge! .. I mean life!

Once you've done that, there are two ways you can send Gavin and the team your cake entries. You can either e-mail them to appcakes at, or you can tweet them as an @reply. You'll find App Cakes on Twitter @AppCakes.

But your awesome bakery efforts will not go unnoticed. Far from it! Apart from the delicious reward of eating your (hopefully) scrumptious creation afterward, you'll be entering to win yourself a tonne of cool App Store goodies, including all of this:

- A £50 iTunes Gift certificate provided by Chillingo
- A $50 iTunes Gift certificate, provided by Antair
- A $15 iTunes Gift certificate and promo codes for Sneezies and Eyegore’s Eye Blast provided by Retro Dreamer
- 2 promo codes for Story Tracker provided by Andrew Nicolle
- Promo codes for Rocket Santa and Star Fusion provided by Bytesize Adventures
- 5 promo codes for Serving Sizer, provided by Creative Algorithms

.. With more on the way!

I'm told by Gavin that he expects this prize pool to grow over the next few weeks, as more and more developers take to their kitchens and get involved, and the contest gets more coverage. Of course, all prizes will be distributed over the best entries when judged in January. The closing date for new entries into The Great App Bake Off 2009 is January 4th .. so get baking!