Fox Mobile Releases Hulu-like App, Won't Be Totally Free

Posted by Chris Hall on May 27th, 2010

Having Hulu on the iPhone would be a dream and a half, but without Flash support, the service is a no go. Instead, Fox Mobile is releasing an app called BitBop, which quietly came out as a beta yesterday. It's only compatible on four Blackberry phones at this point, but will eventually be available for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Like Hulu, BitBob is coming loaded with content from 25 content partners including NBC, CBS, The Food Network, A&E, and MTV, and will include all of their most popular shows and series. In an earlier interview with mocoNews, Joe Bilman, Fox Mobile’s EVP of Global Products said that the application would be free but access to the entire catalogue would probably cost $10 a month. I think it's safe to say that the many content partners are quite a bit more excited about BitBop's monthly access plan than Hulu's ad based model.

Aside from a few snafus, such as the horrible BitBop name and the monthly subscription pan, the service seems like it will be a big in the mobile market. As much as I love iTunes, the ability to stream content directly to my phone seems a bit more exciting. Hopefully BitBop will follow Hulu in the movie department too, because there's nothing like having a movie on the go.

[ Source: mocoNews ]