AudioPress Delivers Everything in Audio and Much More

Posted by Blake Grundman on October 13th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

When it comes to sounds that tickle the eardrums, I would consider myself a mass consumer.  Whether it be local talk radio, sports, podcast, numerous music stations or even my 28GB+ of mp3s, it is safe to assume that I have my auditory nerves tingling as often as humanly possible.  One way that I have found to mass consume both new and old music that I like is through a little website that many have become familiar with by the name of  The problem, as you can tell, is that I like to listen to far more than just music.

So what is a podcast, talk radio, news and music fiend to do?  Why not download the new app AudioPress and let your entire media world be transformed.  Combining feeds of everything that you like from all mediums, along with the latest news that is custom fit to you, might be a recipe for success.  But what else does this new game-changing software bring to the table?
"AUDIOPRESS brings you the spoken word in all its forms—old and new—so you can hear all the news, entertainment, and information you want while on-the-go.

And with AUDIOPRESS, discovering content and creating sync-free playlists is easy, and intelligent playback can automatically play current episodes only and skip content you’ve already heard, so listening is ‘start-and-go!’" -- VIA AudioPress description in App Store

If there were such a thing as custom designed applications, I believe that this would be the one made for me.  I spend hours every week listening to numerous different forms of content that I love.  The problem is that finding the type of information and entertainment can take months to line-up.  This is where AudioPress could be the personal savior of my free time.  Now the trick will be living up to the promises that they make in the trailer below.  Give the app a download, because I can assure you that the sticker price of absolutely nothing is not going to break any bank.