Garmin Enters The Fitness App World With Garmin Fit

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 25th, 2011
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Garmin is renowned for their GPS navigation apps such as Garmin StreetPilot onDemand. Away from iOS devices, it's also renowned for its numerous fitness watches. The two haven't been combined however, until now that is. Garmin's first fitness app has just been announced along with the ANT+ adapter for the iPhone that will allow the use of optional accessories.

The fitness app, Garmin Fit, allows users to track numerous exercise related figures such as speed, pace, distance, time and calories. It maps and automatically uploads workouts to Garmin Connect in order to track totals, set goals and even share workouts with friends and family amongst an online community of more than 70 million activities around the world. With a tap of a button, users can check everything as well as control their music from within the app. Even calls and SMS messages can be checked without interrupting the app and the all important workout.

Upon completion, information and notes can be entered and sent to the user's account within the Garmin Connect community. A series of graphs and charts means that the user can track how they're progressing with the past 30 days of activities available from within the Garmin Fit app.

Taking a look at the Garmin Fit screenshots, it looks like it'll be a very easy app to use keeping everything simple yet just what anyone could want from a fitness tracking app. It'll be interesting to see how it performs against the likes of RunKeeper.

The ANT+ adapter is priced at $49.99 and enables users to track important figures such as heart rate and cadence directly on their iPhone when paired with relevant optional accessories such as the footpod sensor that allows users to train indoors and still monitor their progress. It's an ideal accessory for gym sessions as well as outdoor running.

Garmin Fit will be a very affordable $0.99 upon release. Check out the screenshots in the meantime.