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JoyCity's epic RPG Eldrian Legacy has been released for iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 18th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Pre-registered for JoyCity's new RPG, Eldrian Legacy? Well listen up. Not only is the game out right this second on Android and iOS, but you should grab it right away. You've only got 7 days to claim your free 600 diamonds, 20,000 gold and 50 energy, so get the game and jump in right now!

For everyone else, here's what it's all about. Eldrian Legacy is a huge fantasy RPG, which has you putting together a team of heroes from a pool of 37 characters, and sending them out to battle. Each character has one of 6 elemental classes, and each comes with its own special abilities, powers, weakness and strengths, so you'll need to work out which work best together.

Catch Webzen’s imminent MMORPG release MU Origin from July 28th with pre-register event

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 14th, 2016

Lovers of real-time MMORPG games will be pleased to hear of Korean developers Webzen’s new release, MU Origin, coming to iOS and Android systems on July 28th. With its 100% real-time elements and heavy immersion playing style, the slickly designed title is set to enthral.

With the official launch, there will be three playable characters for gamers to opt for: Dark Wizard, Dark Knight and Elf, who are all highly customisable throughout the game. Additionally, MU Origin remains engaging consistently due to its easy levelling premise, which sees quick but steady progress, as players get more involved with the title.

Find out the story behind Genera Games' upcoming title Gladiator Heroes

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 14th, 2016

Gladiator Heroes is a new RPG game that offers so much more than combat. Genera Games have brought you something completely unique and original by perfectly balancing RPG and construction simulation.

If that wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the game is set in possibly, the most iconic city in the world, Rome and it’s up to you to build, manage and defend this glorious city.

You have total freedom of movement around a city that holds over 25 striking buildings. Explore, defend and conquer ancient landmarks such as, Jupiter’s Temple, Catania and Coliseum.

6 ways Battle Champs improves the Clash of Clans formula

Posted by Glen Fox on July 11th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Battle Champs is a build and battler out right now on iOS and Android that takes a lot of inspiration from the undisputed champion of the genre, Clash of Clans.

But to call it a clone is way off the mark. The developer of Battle Champs has made a serious effort to innovate on and, dare we say it, improve certain features of Clash of Clans.

As we're a kind bunch, we thought we'd write up a list of six ways that Battle Champs improves on the Clash of Clans formula so you can better decide whether or not it's worth your time.

Battleplans now available from Google Play

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 11th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

After its release to the App Store earlier this year, En Masse Entertainment’s title, Battleplans, has now been released for Android systems. Even those using iOS systems have a reason to get excited: there’s a major update to explore to boot.

The game itself centres around the strategy genre, but uses crisp graphics and a simple interface to allow gamers of all abilities and generations to delve into the world of RTS.

The game focuses on two main forms of gameplay, with its ‘Skulls’ phase proving most popular, where players must rely on tactical manoeuvres and the finetuned special abilities of each of their heroes.

Taking a look under the shell of new iOS and Android app Crab War!

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 7th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Crab War is the latest mobile clicking game with a difference, it allows you to build and control a swarm of revenge hungry, mutated crabs, and lead them to victory as they embark in the battle of the century, against the reptiles that seized their homeland.

The crabs are pretty adorable, we have to admit it, but with your help they can be brutal too. Release 6 awesome abilities and customise your swarm with the ranges wide range of unique talents, up to 18, to be exact.

Crab War is unleashed on iOS & Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 7th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Crab War App is a super, addictive clicking game with a great back story, loads of colour, challenges and mutations. What more could you ask for? Well, asides from dangerous reptiles that have seized your home and driven you and your now, very crabby family into hiding.

You’ve spent a few centuries pouting and soaking up a lot of crystal radiation, but now you are pumped and ready to fight for your homeland.

Take advantage of JoyCity’s pre-register event for Eldrian Legacy now

Posted by 148Apps Staff on July 7th, 2016

For fantasy-based RPG lovers everywhere comes publisher JoyCity’s latest release, Eldrian Legacy. The title embraces the traditional RPG format and offers a generous collection of characters to play with (presently, 37).

Each of said characters represents one of 6 elements, which are central to the game and have their own special moves and strengths. These must be combined together strategically within a player’s party to ensure maximum power for battles ahead.

Is there cross-platform play in slither.io?

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on June 25th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

So you've sunken plenty of hours into crawling around in slither.io on your iPhone or iPad. You've got your stories of tragedy and triumph, the times you coiled four snakes at one time balanced out by the others when you had a length of more than 30,000 and some little jerk swerved in front of you at the last second.

You've even followed our adviceand practiced the art of self-sacrifice so that you can play with a friend, since the ability to choose your own server still hasn't made it into the game yet. But let's say you have other mates without iOS devices? Is there a way to play with them too?

Catch Battleplans on Google Play from June 30th

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 24th, 2016

Real-time strategy title Battleplans is due for release on Google Play on June 30th, following its release for iOS systems last month. With its simple interface and pretty graphics, the crowd-pleaser brings a formerly overlooked genre out for the masses.

Instead of focusing on more traditional elements of real-time strategy, the title centres on unique tactical movement features and unit position, instead of base building and resource grinding. Precision is key with Battleplans, allowing players to control units intricately, despite the real-time aspects.

Join the fleet with Genera Games’ Wrath of Gems Star Trek update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 17th, 2016

Lovers of the Star Trek franchise will already be aware of the original release of this game, which has now been transformed with the release of a new version by Genera Games: Wrath of Gems.

Whilst previously, players could strive to attack foes in weekly battles only, this new update brings with it an exciting new social feature: Alliances. With this, players can form their own teams with allies across the globe, hunting down the strongest crews and fleets to complement their own. Ensuring that choices are well thought-out is paramount to success when it comes to this new version of the game.

Fly away from reality with astragon’s Take Off - The Flight Simulator

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 9th, 2016

Pack your suitcase, kiss your kids goodbye: come June 9th you’re set to be jetting off with astragon’s new flight simulation release, Take Off - The Flight Simulator.

For those who find flying a disconcerting prospect in reality, or just really fancy the idea of soaring into the skies from their office chair, this title offers an immersive experience without the hassle of, you know, having to attend a flight school and buy your own plane.

WeGo Interactive tease new Re-Volt title with soft launch

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 3rd, 2016

If you found yourself big into the Re-Volt series way back in 1999 and you’re now a modern mobile gamer, you’re in for a treat: WeGo Interactive have released a new generation of the series: Re-Volt3.

Make the walking dead fly with Steampunk Wizards’ new release Dead Hand Drive

Posted by 148Apps Staff on June 2nd, 2016

Not one for the faint-hearted in the slightest, if you find yourself a fan of both zombie games and the prospect of absolute anarchy, something tells us you’re going to be a fan of Steampunk Wizards' new title,Dead Hand Drive.

The best value players on UEFA EURO 2016 Fantasy

Posted by Matt Suckley on May 31st, 2016

With Euro 2016 kicking off on June 10th, time's running out to pick your 15-man fantasy squad in UEFA EURO 2016 Fantasy.

The app should be simple enough for anyone who's ever dabbled with fantasy football apps in the past but, as always, it has its own quirks when it comes to the pricing of certain players.

So, if you're struggling to build a squad within that €100 million budget, here are a few tips for players who won't break the bank, but could just make a big impact at the tournament.