FrEEday Vol 33

Posted by Chris Nitz on February 11th, 2011

That’s right; it’s time for another round of free games to help you pass the long hours of being locked up indoors. Let’s face it; you’re not really going to venture outdoors when it is so cold that your snot freezes the moment you walk outside. Grab your iOS device and enjoy these freebies!

Zero4Racer PRO:
Zero4Racer PRO is looking to take racing to a new level of realness. This game incorporates life-like physics, manual transmissions, and even a half clutch for you real racing enthusiasts. There are three different classes to work your way through, along with three different race lengths. You can even download other racers data and compete against their downloaded data. The included Twitter link will allow you transfer your racer data from one iOS device to another. Who needs to reek of exhaust fumes anyway?

Age of Wind:
Do you have an itch to live out your fantasy as Jack Sparrow? Maybe you want to captain your very own Black Pearl. Age of Wind has your warship sailing needs covered. You can choose from 15 unique ships, sail to 20 different islands, and partake in 30 fun battles. Will you engage in peaceful trade, or plunder other ships to earn the money necessary to upgrade your ship? The sea is ready for you captain.

Traffic Panic:
We all hate getting stuck in traffic. Now is your chance to see if you can keep traffic flowing better than those horrid automated systems. You must keep traffic flowing while avoiding huge car crashes. There are five levels that you can unlock as you earn coins in your traffic directing duties. Maybe traffic cameras are a good idea after all.

LEGO Minifigures Collector:
Let’s face it, Lego minifigs are downright awesome, yet terribly expensive. Now you can collect these fun little toys in a virtual world. This game works like a slot machine. You slide a stud to set three rollers in motion. When these rollers match up, you collect the Lego Minifigure. There are 32 unique figures to collect, and these come with complete bios. Heck, you can even mix and match body parts for that extra bit of fun.