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Favorite Four - Scariest Apps 2010

Posted by Chris Hall on October 27th, 2010

With Halloween coming, it is once again time to find the creepiest games of the year. Last years list included some great apps, but by now we all need something new to play in the middle of the night. The following list makes up the creepiest of 2010... well, except for the last one. Enjoy!


Soul is, without a doubt, the scariest maze game that I've ever played, and possibly the scariest game period. The game starts you as a soul coming out of a dead body in a mortuary, faintly illuminating your path through the worlds creepiest, filthiest hand drawn environments. It'll scare the bejeebers out of you for sure.

Unfortunately the game is plagued with an extremely unforgiving accelerometer based control system, and could really use an autosave feature. I hate recommending the "easy" setting, but I would definitely consider starting on it in Soul.

The whole experience is so horrifying and pretty though that I don't feel too bad putting up with a few flaws. If you really want to be scared, Soul will deliver.

Prisoner 84

It definitely has its flaws, such as the mucky controls, slightly ugly looking characters, iffy path finding, and repetitive floor plans, but boy is it creepy. Put on a pair of headphones and you'll be jumping out of your seat more often than just about any other iOS game out there.

Prisoner 84 starts with you in solitary confinement in an offshore prison (with extremely limited lighting) where everyone is mysteriously dead... or undead. You have to fight your way out of the prison, literally blowing the flesh off of bad guys to find your way. The whole this is quite disturbing, and as far as small screen gaming goes, this one might be as scary as it gets.


Aftermath may not be as scary as some of the other games on the list, but it's an extremely well crafted dual stick, zombie killing shooter. The real killer here is the morbid atmosphere. Maps are filled with muck and grime, rain is constantly falling, and everything is dark. So dark in fact that your combat is based on finding the enemies with your flashlight.

The only major flaw of the game, in my opinion, is its lack of depth. If it had more levels/if the levels were longer, I'd be extremely happy... er, scared.

Texting of the Bread

Now if you really want to talk about scary, try going up against ravenous armies of gingerbread zombies armed only with a milk gun.

If you've ever played Typing of the Dead on any of the various platforms that it was on, you'll know exactly what you're getting with Texting of the Bread. Simply text as fast as you can to defeat the evil gingerbread zombies. It's fun, educational (in a texting sort of way... you never know, maybe they'll teach it in school one day), and might possibly scare those with severe gluten allergies.

Special Mention - Hysteria Project 2 - Hysteria Project 2 has yet to be released (as of Oct. 5), but it looks to continue the extreme creepiness that the first one brought. Assuming it's close to the same game, prepare for a creepy, fully cinematic horror game that has you frantically running from an unknown man with a hatchet. The original was one of the creepiest games of '09, so I'm sure the sequel would've found itself on the list if it were out in time.

Aftermath Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Ryan Wood on April 1st, 2010
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: ZOMBIE SHOOTER
Aftermath follows along the standard equation of zombie games that have come before it. The dual stick shooter feel combined with a fairly easy to pick up game style make it a good experience. At $0.99 it's a small investment for some good old fashion zom
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