Noteboard Provides Quick And Attractive Notes Organization

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 10th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

The iPad has the perfect appearance for a noteboard. Even more so for users brave enough to use the iPad Smart Cover to stick their device to the fridge (I'm not yet courageous enough). So how about using Noteboard as an ideal and simple to-do notes app to collate information quickly?

It's an app that stylises each note as a sticky note just like the paper tools you can buy. Each note is then placed on a board space that looks a lot like a regular corkboard.

It's a nice idea, facilitating a way of collecting anything from quick reminders to cookery recipes, while still keeping a traditional and easy to consult feel. There are 6 colored notes to choose from in all, allowing users to color co-ordinate certain tasks for instance. Plus an unlimited amount of board spaces can be set up ensuring maximum flexibility.

Noteboard is available now for the iPad priced at $0.99, however one lucky person can win a promo code for the app.

All readers need to do is simply comment on this post and one lucky soul will be picked out at random. Get entering now!