Be King of the Court Today!

Posted by Carter Dotson on December 1st, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The NBA is coming back! Huzzah! What once looked like a bleak winter sports landscape of misery and despair will now be full of the pittering and pattering of wealthy millionaires pounding the rock in the hardwood. How else were we going to entertain ourselves? By watching hockey? Pfft. The other beautiful thing about the NBA coming back? It feels appropriate to play basketball games, and one title is hoping to capture some of that basketball fever.

NBA King of the Court is an augmented reality basketball game that involves geolocation. It's developed by new mobile developer Ogmento, who are focusing on augmented reality and geolocation games, such as this one. Players compete to get the high scores on courts located near them. Hoops are located and played by pointing a camera-equipped iOS device around them to find hoops to shoot on. Players then try to sink as many shots as possible in a short time limit, by using a timing bar-based shooting system. Success earns coins that can be spent on powerups and other items. Additional attempts on a court can add to the player's high score, although players only have a limited number of balls to shoot, though more are added over time.

Once they become the king of the court (hey, there's that title!), then they can customize the hoop to their liking. This includes things like team logos, purchased with those coins. Feel bold enough to rock a Spurs logo in the middle of Lakers country? Go for it. As well, defensive powerups can be purchased to make potential court usurpers' job much more difficult, such as ones that make the good shot area much smaller.

NBA King of the Court launched on December 1st, and is a free to play title. It requires a camera-equipped device, though iPad 2 owners should note that the app is not universal as of launch.