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World of Goo Submitted for iPhone; iPad Version to Become Universal

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 6th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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World of Goo on iOS is about to come full circle. After initially being announced for the iPhone/iPod touch, then released for the iPad, is now finally coming back full circle, as 2D Boy has confirmed that the iPhone/iPod touch version has been submitted to the App Store. In an interesting twist, owners of the current HD version won't have to pay again to get the iPhone/iPod touch version - the iPad version is getting updated to a universal app, so you can just re-download the game on your iPhone/iPod touch for no extra charge. It's not immediately clear if the game will be just one universal app, or if there will be 2 separate apps: the iPhone/iPod touch version and a universal version that supports the iPad natively. If it's the latter, it's something that I have advocated before on The Portable Podcast - if developers want to charge separately for an iPad version, then making it universal would be the fairest choice, so that multiple iOS device owners don't have to choose between an app that works on all their devices, or one optimized for their iPad. No matter the route 2D Boy takes, it's one that is ultimately beneficial for consumers, and I applaud them for that. World of Goo for iPhone/iPod touch will support 3rd generation (iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3G 32GB/64GB models) and up models, and will be on sale for $0.99 for 24 hours, before going up to $2.99.

World of Goo Sells Like Hotcakes

Posted by Timothy Smith on February 10th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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The developers of World of Goo recently posted a really in depth article that not only reveals its sales record for the first month, but also lays out an in depth overview of their experience with the App Store and the iOS platform. The game has sold an impressive 125,000 copies. That is quite an achievement considering it only sold 68,000 Wii copies and 97,000 PC copies during its best months on each of those platforms. This makes the iPad version of the multiplatform game the fastest selling version.

The article also presents some interesting facts about their pricing scheme, promotion campaign, and how they tailored their development process to better suit iPad gamers. Overall, the game received fairly high praises (check out our review here), but interestingly enough, a few low App Store scores complaining about difficulty prompted the developers to add a prominent level skip button. They also joke about adding in app purchases for the auto-completing of levels, but hopefully that stays a joke.

Not only is the information presented in the article entertaining, it is also educational for aspiring young app developers. 2D Boy even posted a myriad of charts and graphs to back-up their claims, and to provide readers with some visual examples of their progress. With such a great start for World of Goo, we can only hope 2D boy continues to share the love for the iOS platform.

PC and Wii gamers have been enjoying the goo flinging puzzler for quite a while, but World of Goo is still in its infancy on the iPad. The game features physics based construction puzzles and gorgeous 2D graphics. Its gameplay is also perfectly suited for the large touchscreen provided by the iPad. World of Goo oozes charm and deserves a look if you haven't tried it yet.

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