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Whether we’re expressing ourselves in 140 characters on Twitter or posting pictures of our cats on Facebook, we always seem to be searching for new ways to share our day-to-day experiences.

But what about sharing your gaming glory? Unless you shell-out hundreds of pounds on recording software, how will the rest of the world learn of your record-breaking speedrun or awe-inspiring killstreak?

This is your moment

Everyplay is an app which lets you share and watch replays from over 150 mobile games. It lets you record and share your more awesome gaming moments on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

It also lets you share your video with Everyplay’s own online community. And with over a million members already registered, there will be no shortage of eyeballs to ogle your finest virtual hour.

So for the next few weeks, we’re going to do some sharing of our own by posting our top five Everyplay videos of the last 7 days.

Bad Piggies – A tug of war by Play178795

These piggies just can come up with the most imaginative ways to get into trouble…

Slenderman’s Forest – I get so freaked out I drop my phone! By dp1345

It’s always a game of hide and seek with Slender. Just don’t get caught.

Riddick: The Merc Files – Five Mercs down in 60 seconds by Player1889436

I wonder if Vin Diesel would still be as fast.

Crabitron – Scrubbing the windowby Player493029

Besides scrubbing the windows, this giant space crab can eat a whole lotta spaceships.

Zombie Gunship – Noah and daddy. Shooting zombies by redfox2023xxx

A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do, this time against evil zombies

You can download the Everyplay mobile app to share videos, tips and tricks, or just chat with other players.

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