You have reached your destination. But amid the perils of inner-city driving, it dismays you to find the nearest car park is full. And the next one you try costs almost as much as your car does. But you park up anyway.

Now your important business meeting or busy day of shopping is finished, and you’re looking forward to getting home. But you have no idea where you parked the car. You walk two miles in the wrong direction before remembering.

The Car Park Finder Team hope to make these stories a thing of the past with their latest app. Kristian Poliszczuk, Director at The Car Park Finder, spoke to us about the app and how it can help car owners take the stress out of parking.

Kristian explains, “The Car Park Finder is a UK App (though there are plans to bring it to the US, as mentioned below) that allows people to search for a car park by postcode, by town, or within the immediate vicinity. Not only that, but it has a memory system built in to help you find your way back to your parked car.”

“For example, if you have a business meeting 80 miles away, just pop in the postcode of the building and the app will list all of the nearest and cheapest car parks.”

The app is loaded with a large up-to-date database, but, most interestingly, has a unique live commentary system. This allows immediate status updates to be posted by car park managers, whether it’s warning that there are no spaces free, recommending alternative car parks, or promoting special offers – you’ll be getting the latest information straight to your phone.

“The Car Park Finder perfectly demonstrates the power that iPhones have to make people’s lives easier and stress free. Our app is exactly the sort of thing that the App Store was designed for.”

Clearly Kristian is proud of his app, but oddly enough it’s the name that he is most pleased about. “You just cant get a better name for a parking app than The Car Park Finder,” he boasts. He’s right you know.

Of course, there is also the case of the live commentary function that he touts as “world class”. While most parking apps rely on expensive technology installed at every car park to supply live updates, The Car Park Finder’s system allows managers across the country to broadcast updates whenever they want, creating a flexible and accessible system for everyone.

The Car Park Finder can currently be used across England, Scotland and Wales with 10,000 car parks in its database. However, there are plans to bring the service to a national market, most pressingly, the US and Asia, all in one app.

As well as these updates to look forward to, Kristian teased other ideas for the future. “We plan to incorporate car park booking through the app, as well as a car insurance comparison platform within the app. We would also like to build in to sat nav systems to provide the best integrated driving navigation experience available.” The Car Park Finder Team may also produce a Blackberry version if there is demand for it.

For now though, UK users can download The Car Park Finder for iPhone and iPad FREE on iTunes.

The app is also available on Android for only 0.99p for a limited time.

If there are any car park managers interested in being a part of this ambitious project, please email Kristian Poliszczuk at

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