If you ask an avid iPhone or iPad gamer what title they’d absolutely love to see on the App Store, there’s a very good chance they’ll say “Pokemon”. Plenty of developers have attempted to replicate Nintendo’s RPG franchise for the App Store over the past couple of years, but very few have managed to do so

We recently sat down with Shanghai Fangcun (4inch) spokesperson N. Jee (a.k.a Milchick) to talk about Pokemon-alike iPhone and iPad title Paramon, and discuss what sets it apart from similar titles on the App Store.


148Apps: What games (if any) served as inspiration for Paramon?

N. Jee: Paramon was inspired by the famous Japanese role-playing game Pokémon. We wanted to make a pet training game when we first played Pokémon. We created a whole new world offering different ways to play the game.

What do you think sets Paramon apart from the other monster-training games on the App Store and Google Play?

Paramon has beautiful fight scenes that players can sit back and enjoy. Players can also pick pets to their own liking – all of which have various skills to choose from.

Which part of Paramon are you personally the most proud of and why?

The fight scenes of course. There are over 200 pets in the world of Paramon, and each of them has a unique fighting style. Furthermore, each skill has a unique visual effect when it is triggered during battles.

Do you plan to extend the life of Paramon with updates? If so, what content do you have planned?

Yes. We do have plans to introduce more features in Paramon, such as guild war, side quests, and a new PVP system.


Do you plan to release Paramon on any other platforms, such as Windows Phone or even the PS Vita.

We will definitely consider the possibility of releasing Paramon on other game platforms in the future.
You can download Paramon from the App Store right now for free.


You can check out a trailer for the game below.

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