Sure, a professional photographer will likely turn their nose up at it, but Apple’s 8-megapixel snapper is more than capable of capturing beautiful landscapes and stunning skylines to an impressive degree.

Apple has steadily improved its camera and added new features to its Camera app since it was first introduced to the world alongside the original iPhone, but the Cupertino company’s stock offering is still lacking some sought-after tidbits.

That’s where third-party apps like Camera Plus come in.


Camera Plus was first released back in 2009 in response to the Camera app that came pre- installed on the first three generations (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS) of Apple’s revolutionary smartphone.

Apple’s very own Camera app was rudimentary and lacked several ‘essential’ features.
This spurred on Global Delight Technologies (then a start-up looking for its first big break) to create a camera app that would surpass the reaches of Apple’s stock offering and enable budding iPhoneographers to use features like video recording, smooth zoom, and a soft flash (on devices that don’t have a hard flash).


There are now lots of different camera apps on the App Store, but Camera Plus has a unique selling point. According to Dhruvika Cornelius, who worked on Camera Plus’s user experience, Camera Plus simplifies the concept of mobile photography.

Global Delight Technologies didn’t want to overload Camera Plus with every feature under the sun and cross its fingers that you’d lap it up. Instead, the company has implemented a handful of intuitive features that have a zero learning curve and simple one-step controls in the hope that Camera Plus offers an experience that you’ll remember.

Taking great photos shouldn’t feel like a chore, after all.

This is the ideology behind several of Camera Plus’s best features, which include three focus modes (macro, normal, and far); and a feature named Pix’d, which automatically enhances the color, lighting, and tone of the photos you take.

Another feature called Lumy analyzes the ambient conditions around you in order to ensure that the photos you take boast perfect exposure.


Global Delight Technologies is incredibly proud of the fact that it can introduce a brand-new generation of iPhoneographers onto the snapping scene.

One feature of Camera Plus that Global Delight Technologies is particularly fond of is AirSnap, which it introduced in version 3.5 of the app. AirSnap allows you to capture both photos and video remotely using multiple iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches.

AirSnap uses Bluetooth and wi-fi to assign one device as the capture device and the other as your remote trigger. It can also work via peer-to-peer wi-fi (multi-peer connectivity), which means your devices just have to be within wi-fi range of each other and not on the same network.

AirSnap even allows you to deploy both the capture device’s front- and rear-facing cameras. You can also use it to trigger your camera’s flash and switch between photo and video capture modes easily.

With Camera Plus, you can easily tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature of any of the photos that you snap, and add text captions before you share them with the world via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, iMessage, AirDrop, and mail.


Global Delight Technologies is always looking for new ways to improve Camera Plus.

“We want to add unique features that will only serve to eliminate the problems of clunkiness and bring about an even more streamlined experience,” Guruprasad Kamath, Global Delight Technologies’s director of marketing, said.

Camera Plus is available to download from the App Store as a Universal app for $0.99.

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