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Angry Birds Seasons Goes Moony

By on September 6th, 2011

Angry Birds Season heads to China for Autumn update.

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It Came From Canada: Angry Birds Epic

By on March 21st, 2014

Rovio goes medieval on their famous fowls.

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Angry Birds Star Wars HD Review

Angry Birds Star Wars HD Review

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad

By on November 8th, 2012
Our Rating: ★★★★☆ :: BIRD FORCE

Angry Birds Star Wars may not come from a galaxy far, far away, but it does add some interesting new variations on the famous gameplay, along with plenty of Star Wars references.

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Angry Birds HD Update Brings 15 New Levels

By on December 22nd, 2010

The latest Angry Birds update brings new stages, Game Center support and the mythical mighty eagle.

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Angry Birds Space Releases on Thursday. Here's What We Know So Far.

By on March 21st, 2012

Angry Birds Space releases soon, and we’ve compiled the important details that Rovio has released so far.

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Angry Birds Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad

By on January 29th, 2010
Our Rating: ★★★★☆ :: GREAT

Angry Birds is a wacky castle-destruction physics game where you fire birds through a slingshot in order to kill piggies. The art is funny, the difficulty curve is great, and the levels are clever.

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A Furious Flock of Fowl Take Flight Again in Angry Birds Rio

By on February 2nd, 2011

The biggest portable game ever finally gets the sequel it deserves.

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Temple Run 2 Races Past The Angry Birds With 50 Million Downloads In 13 Days

By on January 31st, 2013

Seriously, the folks at Imangi have to be in a state of shock. They’ve just reported that Temple Run 2, the sequel to their hit game, Temple Run, has hit 50 million downloads in just 13 days. That’s a ton more than Angry Birds, which previously held the record as fastest growing mobile game, with […]

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Angry Birds Space Review

Angry Birds Space Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad

By on March 22nd, 2012
Our Rating: ★★★★☆ :: EXCELS ITSELF

Much anticipated, the new Angry Birds title doesn’t disappoint. It’s inventive and compelling.

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App Update: Angry Birds Space Update Adds Red Planet With Help From NASA

By on August 23rd, 2012

Angry Birds Space got a big update today adding a new level, the red planet, to honor the NASA Curiosity rover. “We’re huge NASA fans, and we were all cheering the Mars Curiosity rover as it touched down,” said Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of Rovio Entertainment. “So, working together on the Mars update was […]

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Angry Birds Rio Lands on iOS Tonight Now!

By on March 21st, 2011

Get ready for your next taste of Angry Birds.

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Angry Birds Super Bowl Code Revealed

By on February 7th, 2011

Rio + Viral Marketing = Pure Win

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Angry Birds Turns 3, Updates App For iPhone 5, Adds Pink Bird and Birdday Cake!

By on December 11th, 2012

The fact that Angry Birds is now three years old is both stunning and obvious. It doesn’t feel like it could be that long ago the breakout mobile game hit the streets. At the same time, it’s only been three years? Wow. The update comes with full iPhone 5 support, 30 new levels, cake, and […]

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Ham'O'Ween Celebrated By Angry Birds Seasons

By on October 27th, 2011

A new bird and plenty of new levels all in honor of Halloween.

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Angry Birds Friends Review

Angry Birds Friends Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

By on May 3rd, 2013

They’ve conquered the Piggies, and now they’re after your friends. Will you succumb?

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Angry Birds Hits 250th Day At #1 in the App Store

By on February 18th, 2011

Angry Birds has now been at #1 for 250 nonconsecutive days. We look back on its roots and explore the phenomenon that is Angry Birds.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Gets New Levels, Princess Leia Bird in Episode V: Hoth

By on November 29th, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars gets a new update today with Episode V: Hoth, now with 20 new levels, Princess Leia pink bird, and AT-ATs. What more could you want? Ok, fine. Have a couple extra bonus levels, too. It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom […]

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Angry Birds Star Wars II To Release The Power of the Pork Side On September 19th

By on August 23rd, 2013

Get ready to join the pork side of the force as Angry Bird Star Wars II draws even closer by receiving an official release date of September 19th. Along with the release date comes a new trailer for the game that features the voice of Ian McDiarmid who played Emperor Palpatine in the original Star […]

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The Weird and Wacky World of Angry Birds Merchandise

By on December 4th, 2014

Angry Birds is 5 years old and wow, has there been a lot of weird merchandise in that time!

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Mmmm, Tasty - Having the Angry Birds for Thanksgiving Dinner

By on November 26th, 2014

How would the Angry Birds fare as the main meal at a Thanksgiving feast? We analyze this important query.

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Angry Birds Usurped By 14-Year-Old Boy Atop Free Apps Chart

By on January 19th, 2011

We may have finally located Cliffy B’s long rumored illegitimate offspring!

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Angry Birds Goes Free For the First Time

By on March 7th, 2013

Angry Birds, the biggest selling game of all time with over 1 billion downloads has gone free on the App Store for the first time. On the off chance that you haven’t bought it yet, grab it now for guaranteed fun. Both the iPhone version and the iPad Version are free for a week week […]

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Angry Birds Star Wars II Review

Angry Birds Star Wars II Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

By on September 19th, 2013
Our Rating: ★★★★☆ :: FORCE WIELDING FUN

The force is strong with this one.

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Angry Birds Star Wars II Update Adds 8 Secret Levels and 4 New Characters

By on November 2nd, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars II comes flying in with a new update that adds 8 secret levels. Users must find hidden maps throughout in order to unlock the new secret levels. The levels also add 4 new characters which include Hologram Darth Sidious, Silver C3PO, Red Battle Droid, and Shadowtrooper. Now go use the force […]

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New App: Bad Piggies, Spin-Off from Angry Birds Now Available

By on September 27th, 2012

Can games, like television shows, have spin-offs? I guess so. Bad Piggies from Rovio is now available for both iPhone / iPod touch and iPad. It’s a physics puzzle game, similar to a mash up of Angry Birds and Amazing Alex. We’ll have a full review up soon. Until then, here’s a gameplay preview:

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Ex-Angry Birds Developers Release Monsu Teaser Trailer

By on July 23rd, 2014

Finnish developer Boomlagoon has released a teaser trailer of their forthcoming side-scrolling action platformer, Monsu. Looking like a pretty cute auto-runner, Monsu has another trick up its sleeve, courtesy of the many cards that you can collect as you play. Coming from some of the minds behind Angry Birds, there will be dozens of customizable […]

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More Physics-y Goodness: Angry Birds, Rafter, and Doodle Bomb Updates

By on February 23rd, 2010

Three solid physics games get some solid updates!

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Interview With the Angry Birds Transformers Team

By on October 20th, 2014

Nick Harper of Exient Entertainment and Mika Rahko of Rovio take a few minutes to talk about the problems and inspirations with cross-breeding birds and robots.

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Angry Birds Star Wars HD Takes Players To The Moon of Endor, Adds 30 New Levels In Latest Update

By on September 12th, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars HD takes players on a journey to the Moon of Endor where it’s up to them to shut down the Death Star’s deflector shield before doom strikes! The latest update adds 30 brand-new levels that feature stormtroopers, speeder bikes, swinging logs, AT-ST walkers, drums, and jumping ewoks! YAY EWOKS! Alright, I’m […]

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Angry Birds Adds New Egg Defender Mode, Gives Red New Magical Feathers

By on July 5th, 2013

A new update has flown in, adding an all-new episode to Angry Birds. Red’s Mighty Feathers has Red facing waves of Bad Piggies in the new Egg Defender mode, which throws 73 unique Piggie contraptions at players. In the 15 new levels, player’s use Red and his newly acquired magical feathers to attack and stop […]

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